Do you want to know something more about me? I'm into art. I'm one of those that can spend whole day in a museum staring at pictures (and I can tell that half of you just yawned hah!). But art does not necessarily needs to be all landscapes, fruit bowls and cubicles. Art also means Frida Kahlo. And Frida Kahlo means Vogue (and now half of you raised at least one eyebrow, right?).    
To me, Frida Kahlo represents not only an amazing artist and strong personality, but also a beauty icon. Yes, I said it. Beauty icon. That woman with massive monobrow and wirey hair dressed in 10 tons heavy rainbow dresses. And because you still don't believe and surely the raised eyebrow thing is still going on, I will now tell you, why this woman changed the way I look at fashion and beauty.  

First of all, she appeared in Vogue at least twice (around 2003 and 1935) and also in Vanity Fair (around 1930s as well). That does not happen to just anyone, right? You must be quite a big deal when you get on those pages! But how did Frida Kahlo manage to get there? She's got style!

Since last summer, everyone seems to be obsessed with maxi skirts! Frida knew that they were super comfy already in 1930s! Plus 2012 spring collections seems to be full of vivid colours, such as grass green, hot pink and royal blue. Frida was pretty much pro at that too (and not only on canvas)! Not even commenting on her red lip obsession. She made me realize that bright colours for both make-up and fashion are wearable and can look nice when sensibly paired up, and that they brighten up your day - and that is worth it, isn't it?    

Frida was very much known for her massive trending monobrow. And look now - if it was an intention or just a lack of handy tweezers in Frida's case, it is back! This made me realize that filling in my brows and making them look a bit more on a bold side is not bad at all, and it actually gives your look a bit of edge! Thin brows are so out, that they wouldn't think about them even back at 1930s, so why do girls try to get them now? *sigh*  

That hair! She had such long hair that half of us would die of jealousy to have it. However, being a practical woman, she didn't like it floating around and getting in her mouth in windy weather (or paint when she was paintin, doh!). Frida's braided up do is what you can see boho models wearing literally all the time. Add some ribbons and flowers to spice it up, and you've got the most comfy and sexy up do! Unfortunatelly, this hair do is pretty addictive, because it is super easy and you can do it with closed eyes, therefore I rarely wear other hair styles lately. *woops*

Someone ( boyfriend, erm) may say that loads of rings, necklaces and massive earrings may look cheap. Well, I don't think so. I love my shiny little things (magpie alert!) and I go with Frida's flow and slap on all sorts at once. And believe me or not, it does look nice when you keep the slappin-on within sensible limits. Don't be afraid to go for bold earrings and massive necklace, but kee the neckline simple, Frida would say. And chuck some flowers on the top of it, they can do no harm!    
And my favourite - boyfriend blazer setter! She knew how to rock that outfit! Forger Olivia Palermo and her tax outfit, Frida is the woman to follow! She was the one who dressed up as a bloke with a flower in her pocket, looking all smart and sexy (well, the latter one is up for discussion). Don't be afraid to put on blazer and trousers with some heels and maybe even a tie? And hair obviously goes up to add it a bit of male edginess!  

Frida Kahlo knew where she was going, not only in her personal life and her artwork, but also when it came to beauty and fashion. She wasn't afraid to experiment and to take the risk. And that's why I admire her. In the time and place where she lived, it wasn't easy to push forward all the innovation and creativity that was in her, but still she made it! I'm nowehere near her courage when it came to style, but she definitely is a valuable inspiration for me, and I believe that more people should see her in this feminine stylish light!

Thank you for reading everyone, hope you enjoyed this slightly more inspirational rather than review-y post!

Do you have any art  (or just unusual) style inspiration yourselves?