Elie Saab's Le Parfum is like Marmite - you either love it or hate it, nothing in-between. And since the first sniff when the perfume was launched, I've been deeply in love with it. Here is why. 

I've read so many negative reviews on this perfume, usually critisizing Elie Saab for not being original enough, copying Bvlgari and Estee Lauder and God knows what else. To me this scent is pretty original. It is the perfect combination of cute and sexy (at least that's what I imagine Ryan Gosling would say if he sniffed it).

According to House of Fraser, the notes of this perfume are following:
  • Top notes: Orange Blossom
  • Middle notes: Jasmine + Patchouli Heart
  • Base notes: Cedar Wood + Honey Rose
Now in my own words, Le Parfum is a fairly heavy fruity/floral combination. It is light enough for summer, but warm enough for winter months. As to the notes, I can definitely smell the jasmine and patchouli when sprayed on my skin. After some time, when it settles, I can smell the wooden undertones and finally, when the scent is fully unwind, I can tell the fruity top note. I've never really fell for any perfume, but I definitely have for this one. It is the only perfume that lingers on me for hours. And hours. And hours. To be honest, it stays on for longer than a day, which I find almost bizzare. Not that I would complain (and for the cheeky ones - yes I do wash, doh!), because other perfumes (no matter how concentrated the EDP is), last for maximum 6 hours? And Elie Saab does last for about 12 hours on me (not even joking, and I only spritz it once on my decolt area). Whatsmore, the bottle is made of thick glass and in simple shape, which makes it look very sophisticated and chic.

Someone may not be familiar with the whole 'Elie Saab' thing, like I used to be before I met HIS perfume (yes, I was one of those who thought that Elie was a girl's name, ehm). Elie Saab comes from Lebanon and he is a world famous fashion designer, who focuses on stunning dresses, particularly bridal collections. You can see one of the dresses in the ad for Le Parfum. 

To sum it up, to me Le Parfum smells like warm jasmine glow with spices in it (the colour scheme for its ad is therefore just perfect!). Howeverm, as it is quite a pricey scent (about £71 for 90ml), I strongly recommend you go and give it a sniff before splurging on it!

Have you got this scent, or at least smelled it? What do you think about it?