Whoever is responsible for nominating my little tiny beauty blog baby (only abount a month and a half, two old?) to Marie Claire Blog Awards, I love you! It was such as a surprise seeing my blog on the Long-list on Marie Claire's website! You lot are amazing!

Since my blog is such a baby, I take it as an unreal honor that it got so far, and I want to thank to everyone who made this happen (Marie Claire & YOU). Not only this is an honour for me, but it also makes me unbelievably motivated to blog, not more really, but in a higher quality and in more interesting way. To me it is great to know, that you are there, willing to take your time and read what I've got to say. Thank you!  

There are so many amazing blogs in the long-list and so many of them deserve to win! If you want to support me, or any other blogger, since they do really deserve it, go on Marie Claire's website and vote! You can vote for best beauty blogger, best fashion blogger, best beauty tweeter and best fashion tweeter!

Thank you a million times everyone!
(Now I'm off to jump and dance around because I'm a happy girl!)