Two days ago, MeMeMe launched the new Dew Pots Dragonfly range of paint pots, which are basically cream eyeshadows pots to me. When I first saw them, I instantly thought 'MAC paint pots' (and '17 Wild Metallic Cream Eyeshadows').  

Obviously this is not a super deep review, because I've had this pot for literally two days, but it already managed to impress me. These pots are part of MeMeMe's autumn/winter collection and therefore offer nice selection earth-toned colours to pick from. The shades are:

  • Hollow Haze
  • Deadly Berry
  • Willow Whisper
  • Moonlight Mist
  • Silent Storm
  • Autumn smoudler
  • Tangled Ivy
  • Woodland Truffle
Already the names indicate the inspiration by opulent autumn colours and free wild spirit, which lies behind the whole MeMeMe range!  
I picked up probably the brightest/lightest colour in the range - the Hollow Haze 2. The pot is really tiny (3ml), which makes it look incredibly cute, especially with the typical MeMeMe design on the lid (oui tangled renaissance!). The container is from solid glass, which I find great, as it keeps the eyeshadow sorta chilled. Putting it on your lid therefore feels very cool and relaxing. To compare this to 17's Metallic Eyes, the container was pretty much plastic, so there was definitely no cooling effect at all.  

As you can see, the consistency is truly creamy. It does have a slight shimmer to it, and although in the pot it may seem chunky, it really is not. It glides on very smoothly and the colour does have a fair pigmentation to it. Bear in mind, that this is a cream eyeshadow, therefore the pigmentation is not super vivid, it is more subtle, more of a 'sinking into your skin' type. Still, it does leave a good amount of shade on the lid, and it is easy to build it up (I assume darker shades would be easier to build up though!).  

Now to the application, I used E.L.F. primer under it, because without a primer it had less vivid colour and had a tendency to crease more. It still does crease a little bit, but it may be just my inability to apply cream eyeshadows right (always struggle with them, sigh) and maybe a better quality primer would do. Otherwise I love the shade, it is exactly what I've been looking for. It brightens your eye and beats any sign of tiredness. This colour literally opens up your eye. It lasts fairly long, I would say a few hours for a cream eyeshadow, without reapplying is great. What I especially like, is that after a few minutes, the cream 'sets' into your skin and kind of dries? So it gets more powdery texture to it, and therefore is less prone to creasing and it sort of creates a foundation for more build up. When it does get creased or fades a bit, you just reapply it slightly with your finger and you're good to go.  

According to MeMeMe's make-up artist Gemma Aldous, these look great when a few shades are blended together. You can apparently create slightly different shades on your own and experiment with them, as they go easily together.   

 Overall, I'm quite nicely surprised by this MeMeMe collection and will definitely purchase more pots, as they are lovely for summer, when you don't want to wear that much make-up on. The sheen may also look great with some powder eyeshadows as a base, will give that a go! MeMeMe Dragonfly Dew Pots are available in Superdrug for £7.25 each. Or read more about them on MeMeMe website

Do you like eyeshadow pots? Have your tried the MeMeMe ones? Do you think that they compare to MAC paint pots? (I can't judge as I've never tried them)