You have surely noticed all the unbearably cheap looking cosmetic products in Primark, haven't you? And although I am fully aware of the risk I'm taking when I buy something off that shelf, I sometimes cannot back off and just risk it.

And I should not. I tried Primark nail polish and I hated it. It was chippin off after a few hours, I couldn't get it off, and it smelled. That's why I chucked the bottle after I used it once for a Smurf Party. But after seeing this lovely set of colour for just £2, how could I not give Primark second chance? 

The colours look amazing, theres a pearl beige/pink and a rose gold top coat.

And light gray, which I've been looking for for ages, and a dark mauve wine colour. Although they are just 6ml bottles, the design seems better than it used to be.

They just look so attractive, don't they? But as soon as I opened the bottle, I knew this was not right. The smell. I've never in my life smelled such a strongly smelling headache-making nail polish. The room would hold the smell for hours after, although I opened all windows and doors. Imagine sticking nail polish remover pads up your nose over night. The consistency is not that bad, it glides nicely and surprisingly, you could get away with one coat of the two darker colours and two coats of the lighter colours. But the chipping! Literally an hour of not doing anything and they chipped real bad. And they made my nails feel even more brittle than before applying it. Sorry, Primark, but nail polish is just not your thing.  

Have you tried Primark nail polishes? Do you like them? Maybe they work for someone else, and it's just me being so extremely anti?