You know when you've got such a bad man flu that you cannot move? But you feel like you need to go and get that dress/lipstick/nail polish right away otherwise it can be too late? Yet you still value your health over your materialistic whims, so you just suffer in bed dribbling over websites? Yeh, that's my today.

So what do I desperately need and now I may make you want/need it too?

I need Clarins Wonder Perfect Mascara, which is just too expensive, but it's the only mascara I've ever really liked and my sample ran out. After like half a year. I'm even tempted to buy a sample of E-bay *embarassed face* because my brain won't let me splurge £20 on my lashes! Sigh.

I need new Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish because my first one ran out and it's a 100% HG product, that I literally need. My skin is definitely getting worse when I don't use it. Which makes me wonder how I managed to survive without it before? Hmmm. (Read a review here!)

I need this dress from H&M's new collection with little birds, and birds are cute. No deeper justification for this.  

I need some nice suspender tights. I know, I know, I'm definitely late on this trend, but I had some from Primark and I really really really liked them. The only (two) trouble(s) with the Primark ones was that they A ripped as soon as I put them on and B had 'a bit over the top' ribbons on them, which made it harder to pair them with outfits.  

Have you got these ill-days too? Or are you able to find a better activity to make these days shorter and more bearable?