Have you noticed how many products lately come with a silver roll-on? All those perfumes, lip glosses, lip balms, creams. H&M couldn't stay behind and voila!
EDT Deep Red Velvet & White Blossom were born. 

These 14ml EDT roll-ons are really handy, I tell you. I haven't decided if I should go for Travalo or other atomiser to take some weight off my handbag, so tiny perfumes and roll-ons are a blessing for me! These two have quite a wintery smell to them, fairly heavy with wooden undertones, especially the Deep Red Velvet. That one is a proper Christmassy smell, which I imagine goes with a thick woolen jumper and fluffy hat. The White Blossom, as you would guess, is a tiny bit lighter, more floral, but still compared to other fragrances, it is also on a heavy side. (Is it only me or H&M fragrances are especially difficult to describe?)    

I honestly like the new silver roll-on trend lately, because they just feel nice on your skin and I'm not talking only about these EDT's, but also about lip balms and others. The silver ball generally cools down your skin and whatever the product is, the effect of it is, at least to me, multiplied as the chilled skin reacts better to it. I'm not sure if this is an effect of the silver roll-on (maybe?) but these EDT's stay on my skin for ages! Like literally for several hours (5+?)! Me likes very much! 

They are about £1.99 each (they are on sale now for a bit less), and since they have been in shops over the Christmas period, you should run and get some quickly, as they probably gonna be sold out soon. They come in pretty bags with ribbons, so would make a lovely present too! 

Have you tried these? What other silver roll-ons have you come across?