Sometimes brand and product slogans just sound silly and as I've experienced, 99% of them just exaggerate or completely mystify, which gets pretty annoying. Honestly, I can't believe I'm saying this, but - Soap & Glory seems not to be lying about their Glad Pits!   

This review should be definitely considered as a trusted product review. I've been using this antiperspirant for definitely over a year. Maybe two. It probably does sound a bit yuky for some people to review an antiperspirant, but well, you do need a good one, and it gave me hard time testing them on my own, so why not make it easier for you and just tell you what to grab next time, right?

Glad Pits claims the following:
  • 24 hour antiperspirant
  • fantastically-fragrant & with soothing aloe extract
  • low-whitening formula helps prevent t-shirt streaks
  • with odour-armour built-in for fresher underarms
And it pretty much does all four! It does very low key fragrance to it, which is nice, as it does not clash with any perfume or body spray. Although it still keeps you feeling fresh for a LONG time (24 hours? might do!) Unlike many antiperspirants, this one is not itchy, does not make your armpits sore (even if you spray it on right after shaving or epilating) and does not leave ugly white bits or any other stains.    

The packaging is cutely kitsch like all products from Soap & Glory, with a vintage pin up model photography on the front. It also gives you tips for application (Dew or dry?), such as applying the antiperspirant on your soles to stop them from sweating.   

On the funny note, Soap & Glory knows how to make you believe in their products!

Glad Pits was safety/efficacy tested in the UK on volunteers who described their efforts as 'no sweat'.

The bottle is a reagular aerosol spray with usual top, however it is fairly big (150ml), so it is not the best thing to carry around in your purse, I really wish they made a travel size too! For a little more than £4, it's definitely worth it, as I always have mine for about 2 months and use it every single day! It's pretty much one of the products I would not be able to live without (oh how lame does this sound heh). 

Do you like Soap & Glory? What's your favourite product from their range? And what's your favourite antiperspirant?