As much as everyone loves nail polishes, I would assume majority of girls are attracted to sparkly shiny things - like me. It is just too easy and too tempting to pick up a few shinies in sale, isn't it? Today is gonna be all about frogs & flowers! (and an unreasonable amount of photographs of earrings!)

All of the earrings (and a ring) that I bought today were for about £2-3, which I think is reasonable price for such tiny things that you wear a few times (because everyone has got millions of earrings like me, right?). So the first pair is from Topshop and I just could not leave them there. Look at them! They are little tiny frogs hugging a pearl! And to justify this infantile purchase (not that it is really justifiable) - they look pretty decent on, not as childish as you would guess, because the pearles are so big, you can't see the frogs that much.  

The second pair is off E-bay. It took about 2-3 weeks to get them, so I pretty much forgot I ever bought them (that's what I call impulse online shopping). But the point is - they are amazing! The look very sophisticated and are the most perfect size. Not too small so they would look like any other flower earrings and not too big so they pull your ear down. The colours go with almost anything, and I think they will cheer up some duller formal outfit very well. In addition, I found that these are pretty much a dupe of Nicole Barr Diamond and Enamel Earrings, which are in silver instead of gold, but pretty much the same.    

The third pair is from Topshop again. They are just simple (with unbelievable pearl detail) bow earrings, but again, are not as tiny as most bow earrings, so you can actually notice them when they are on.   

Well, this is a bit of an awkward purchase. It's an earcuff from Miss Selfridge. I've seen it on a few models recently and thought it was the most brilliant idea ever. Then I put it on and it was just.. a bit weird to say at least. Especially because you don't get the other earring, so basically... it's just in one ear? Can someone please help me figure this out? Do you just put a stud in the other ear or what's goin on? *very confused and slightly embarassed*

And the final frog! This little baby is from Select and has got pretty natural colours (browns and coppers) and the frog is not THAT blatant. Unless you have a closer look it looks like a pile of gems. Definitely wearable, I'd say!

Do you get carried away in sales when it comes to earrings and rings? Have you bought any so far?