I have fairly long thick hair and to be honest with you, the longer it gets the worse nightmare it is to take care of it. That's why I'm always on search for a good quality hair care. To be honest, I never really showed any interest in Dove, because I thought it was one of those old classic brands you know and you don't really need to try. Well, I have to admit that Dove Hair Therapy Nourishing Oil Care proved me wrong!

I used to stick to Tresemme and other higher priced hair care brands, thinking old Dove can't beat them. Then I got a free sample of Dove's Express Treatment Conditioner a few months back in a magazine and what was my surprise when I tried it - it was amazing! I started using the whole range, which includes:
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Express Treatment Conditioner 
All three products are in simple but 'clean' looking packaging. One downside is, that it is fairly hard to squeeze out all the product when it gets to the bottom, but you can always just break the packaging and get it out. I haven't come across a shampoo bottle that would actually prevent this. Have you?

Now, let's have a closer look at each of them. What I have about shampoos is that some of them make my already heavy and thick hair even heavier and thicker and basically slap-flat in the crown area. And I'm also a great fan of shampoos that has got smell that lingers in my hair for at least until next morning. What Dove claims? Apparently, the weightless nutri-oils (almond and coconut oil) in the shampoo nourish your hair, but doesn't weigh it down. It smoothes dry, rough and frizzy hair. I am not exactly an owner of frizzy hair, but my hair does get dry and quite rough in winter. Dove does exactly what it says. I was worried it may still make my hair feel slightly greasy, considering it has so many oils in it, but nope - greasless and weightless, and it has a strong sweet, kind of luxury smell which LASTS. 

The next step is conditioning. I use this conditioner on days when I don't wanna use the treatment, which will follow. It claims basically the same as the shampoo and smoothens my hair, plus helps the shampoo keep the smell lingering in my hair for longer. The conditioner also helps detangling my hair a lot.

Finally, getting to the jewel of the range! The express treatment conditioner! Two-stripes formula contains nutri-oil treatment as well as conditioner which locks in all the moisture and nutrients. And it actually does have two stripes of colours, which you can see below. It works miracles for my hair, because it makes it smoother, less dry, it feels much more healty and sleek, although it is not flat. I would even say this gives quite a volume to my hair. It detangles, it makes my hair smell amazing, it simply does what is says on the label and a bit more. I was my hair about every other or every third day and I use this roughly every other time I'd say. Sometimes I only put this all over the length of my hair and the ends, but it works well on the roots too!      

This is what my hair looks like the next morning after washing it with Dove. It is not naturally wavy, which it may seem like. I sometimes put it in a bun when I go to sleep and when it dries, it turns out slightly wavy.  

Feel free to consider this review as a 'trusted product' review, because I've managed to go through a few bottles of each of these and I do love it. I actually love it so much, I'm trying to use up all the rest of shampoos and conditioners I've got and stock up on this!

Also, I have to add that I use my VO5 Miracle Concentrate all the time, which you can have a read about here! I put it on my ends after I wash my hair, sometimes even throughout the day to make it more soft and sleek.

What about you, do you use one brand of hair care of do you like swapping it from now and then? Have you tried Dove?