You might have noticed this little box in a haul a few days ago. I've been using it since then and considering it is a 'lip butter' from H&M, it is (a) pretty good (lip balm)! 
Well, that sounded a bit negative towards H&M, but I assume that generally H&M is viewed as a fashion store, rather than a supplier of cosmetics, right? Anyways, I don't think I've tried many products from their make-up line, probably just fragrances and nail polishes, and they were not bad, but that's another story. Now let's have a look why I picked up this little cute box and why the second line of my post sounds so controversial! 

I will probably sound unbelievably superficial and influenced by marketing strategies, but c'mon - look how cute this little box is! It has got bunnies on it, birds, ribbons, and it's all in mint and hot pink colour combo! *childishly claps hands* Number two fact which made me spend £2.99 on it, is the flavour combination - fresh pear & sweet peas! ... PEAS?! Plus it's not a lip balm, but a lip butter (as H&M says), which should be more moisturising and have shea butter in it. Not bad, but...peas?!   

Considering English is not my first language, I assumed that maybe I imagined peas to be something different, because little green pods in a lip butter? But no, peas seem to be really peas...

...which makes maybe a bit more sense and it instantly reminds me that The Body Shop has got sweet peas body butter in their range and it has got this blossom on the label, DOH! 

Now let's get back on track and see why I actually like it and why I don't! The consistency is not typically 'buttery', it is rather clear-ish (with mint tinge to it) and jellish, sorta vaseline-ish (remember this point),  fairly thick, but melts super easy when you touch it.

As it is in a pot, I don't tend to use it outside (A stickin yucky fingers in it and B havin it all over them afterwards just isn't my thing). It is however a great lip moisturiser when you come home after a walk outside in the cold weather. It does the job very well, it seems to hydrate and smoothens chapped lips nicely. Plus the scent is amazing, you can actually image summer and you picking up pears in an orchard! *yum*

Neverthless, there is one thing which confuses me. I will be honest, I wasn't sure what the difference between lip butter and lip balm was, so I googled it. Apparently, lip butter is more moisturising and more 'caring' to your lips, as it contains shea butter. This 'lip butter' does not contain any shea butter, at least to my knowledge, and when you look closely at the bottom of the pot, it says 'lip balm/vaseline'. Hm, that would explain the vaseline-ish consistency!       

Now looking back, spending £2.99 for a 9g pot of vaseline is a bit of a rip off to me. It definitely smells amazing and does good to my lips, and I adore the cute packaging, so I will be using this little baby, as we get on so well. But if you want to buy this pot, don't expect lip butter, at least don't expect what I found that lip butter should be, it is pretty much a sheer vaseline with a bit of minty colourant and (amazing) pear scent! Below you can see that it appears perfectly lear on my lips and really does give them a smooth texture!

Have you tried this lip butter/lip balm? What do you think?
Is my lip butter definition right or am I missin something here?