Most of you will know that Glamour's February issue comes with a L'Occitane voucher for a free lip balm. And as the marketing team expected, it pushed me to make my first trip to L'Occitane (in Brum). 

L'Occitane en Provence is one of those 'different' companies, which most of you might not be familiar with. It was founded in 1976 and its initial aim is to preserve traditions and nature of Provence, France. Some of the brand values are the following:
  • authenticity & naturalness
  • effectiveness & pleasure
  • respect & responsibility
L'Occitane seem to be actively participating in a number of programmes, such as supporting of cultivation of almond trees in Provence, encouraging traditional cultivation of lavender or preserving rare plant species.

The range of products is amazing. Basically all products value natural ingredients as much as possible. The scents reflect this, so if you are not a fan of 'grassy' and strong floral scent, this is not gonna be your thing. I would compare the range of products to Yves Rocher, which is another France-based company with similar characteristics and products.  

Browsing through the little cosy shop in The Pavillion (Birmingham), I couldn't help it, as I got truly fascinated by some of the products. I love that everything smells so natural and 'unique'. Products that L'Occitane offers are definitely not something you would be able to sniff in a drugstore. They just smell like plants and spring. And at least regarding this particular shop, I can say I really enjoyed the service, as the lady was really helpful, but did not try to spray me with every single product, which for some reason people tend to do to me in these 'boutiquey' sort of stores. Now what I picked up?
  • Delice des Fruits Lip Balm (with the voucher) - because it smelled like pop corn in cinema with more fresh tinge (don't ask me how natural fruity ingredients evoke this in me!)
  • The Vert Solid Perfume (on sale for £5) - because it reminds me of Yves Rocher green tea perfume which I love so much and ran out of it ages ago, it does have a really strong scent of green tea, so it might not suit everyone though
  • 2x Delice des Fruits Citron & Clementine Bath Ball (on sale for 60p) - because I hope it makes my bath smell like pop corn in cinema! 
  • Angelica Skincare Hydration creme (2 samples)
I am unbelievably excited to try these all out and I will definitely follow up this post with some reviews! What I am sure about is that this might have been my first trip to L'Occitane, but definitely not the last! (even if I'm just gonna go and sniff around the store haha) 

Do you like L'Occitane? Is there any particular product you would recommend?
Do you prefer natural cosmetics or the 'regular' one?