Hauls are surely type of blog posts that I enjoy the most! And jewellery hauls are even better! Since I indulged myself in Primark's new jewellery line, I though I would share it with you! It's all super cute, spring-y and pretty!

Browsing through Primark today I've noticed they launched their new spring jewelery line, how exciting, finally something new! After the long winter/January/Boxing Day sales I was gettin seriously tried of all the crowds and red sales tags. This little bit of new-ness was much needed! First of all I picked up these blue feather earrings and don't judge me, I have about million pair of feather earrings, but these were blue (my excuse, hah)!

Then I discovered whole new floral range of pretty much everything! Little bow studs with matching ring and sorta matching shorter heart necklace.

As well as matching long 'pocket watch' necklace, which I think is probably the prettiest find!

The last item from Primark is this long necklace with own watch, and although I am not a massive owl-fan, I like this one for it's delicate ball-chain and nice pastel colours.

Finally, I got this long bird necklace from Claire's, which was still on sale. The little golden bird is a little charm hanging separately on the chain with the bigger pendant.

What do you think about this new Primark jewellery range, will you be getting any?