Most of the time you probably read about hand creams or face/hair serums. Sally Hansen obviously liked the idea of both and took the best of them, creating her Age Correct Hand Firming Serum for Dry Hands.  

I purchased this product a while ago, when I realised that no cream/lotion is ever gonna do as much good to my skin as oil will. Oil is, at least to me, the best cosmetic invention for so many reasons. It does moisturise your skin no matter what, it is easy to apply, it is often made from natural ingredients such as olive oil and rose oil, therefore you can actually see some improvements on your skin, it is amazing for your hair, nails, prevents from flaking, makes your skin look more radiant... Therefore finding a hand oil seemed like a 'can't miss' opportunity.   

Although I do not tend to use 'age' products (I just refuse to believe those that claim that I start aging by 21, pffft), I thought it can't really hurt my hands after all. This serum (oil) has got grape seed oil and a number of vitamins in it which revitalise skin on your tired hands (read: get rid of any possible dryness) and also helps skin keep its elasticity. I have been using it for about 10 months now and it does really help my hands a lot, not only in winter, but because of its strong rose scent, it is great for summer months too (it makes me think of sitting in an English rose garden, mm).  

Although your hands might feel really greasy (not sticky though!) after the application, it will eventually wear off. Nevertheless, I use it more as an 'at home' treatment when I can just sit down and chill.The rose scent creates a nice relaxing atmosphere as well, however I would definitely not recommend it to someone who is not a huge rose fan, as it does go up your nose!  

As you can see, it has a clear (maybe slightly yellowish?) consistency and the whole feel of this product is very natural and luxurious to me (although it is not classed as a natural/organic product). What I dislike about it is the bottle it comes in, because being it an oil, it is hard to regulate the amount leaking through the hole in the cap, as the bottle is quite sturdy and you cannot squeeze it. It is also not very handy for your handbag as it often happens to be leaking.   

Despite all the little negatives I've mentioned I definitely do recommend this serum, as it shows better results on my skin than any other hand cream and the rose smell is amazing! Nevertheless, I would suggest using it at home, since the bottle is not very practical. I've bought this one off E-bay for about £3 pounds, but you might find cheaper ones!

Have you tried this serum?
Do you like products with rose-y scent?