I haven't come across any body products that would smell as good as the Body Shop ones does, have you? Plus is there a body scrub that has such fresh and 'naturally' sweet scent like this Raspberry one? 
I'm positive that everyone knows about Body Shop scrubs, and therefore there's not much left to say. The Body Shop does not test on animals and most of their ingredients are obtained through community or fair trade. I believe that this particular one has been discontinued, but I believe (and hope!) it may be brought back in the future, as it was one of popular scents! After sniffing though the new scents, I would say that the most simmilar one is the strawberry scentm which is also refreshing but sweet at the same time and will probably become my next buy, as this rasberry one is almost finished.  

The consistency is very liquidy and 'sheer', with real seeds of raspberries in it, which is amazing for scrubbing, however makes unbelievable mess in the bathroom (easy to clean up though!). Sometimes it also leaves a slight pink tinge on my skin, which does washes off, but you need to rub it off, if it makes sense.   

Have you tried any raspberry or strawberry scented Body Shop goodies?