Another proof that I am often wrong (and refuse to admit it). Every time I read review on blogs claiming that this product is 'the one you definitely need, no matter what', I keep thinking that it just can't be that good. Since almost every other blogger out there claims that Gosh Velvet Touch Lipstick in #134 Darling is the perfect drugstore nude lipstick, I kept thinking there must be something that I will discover and will be better (whilst not even trying the Gosh one) and spending money on all possible nudes. Yeh, I should have grabbed this one right away, doh! *face palm* 

It is incredibly hard to find a nude lipstick that would suit a particular skin tone, because some will make you look dead, some will make you look like you put glue on your lips and some nudes will not show up at all, that's how perfectly they match your skin tone (for me this might be 17's Beehive, which just refuses to show up on me when I get a bit of tan. 

When it comes to Darling, I don't think it is the best nude ever made, because it does have its faults, but so far it is the best drugstore nude I've discovered (and probably not only me, because it received Beauty Bible awards!). 

I've never had any MAC lipstick (yes, I said it, meh) but apparently Gosh Darling should be a dupe of MAC Myth, if I remember right? Many often compare not only shade but also the consistency. The consistency is extremely creamy (almost like 17 lipsticks) and mine began to slightly melt (even though it was -4 degrees outside!) and got a bit slanted in the packaging, but so far it does not make the application more difficult. The creaminess also causes that the lipstick seems to be running out pretty fast, which is not amazing (£6.50 is on a slightly more expensive side in the drugstore world), but the creaminess is essential for a nude shade, as it glides nicely on lips.  

As you can see, the creaminess is pretty obvious from the picture, and you can also see one downside I discovered - you have to have perfectly smooth lips before you apply it. No dryness whatsoever (which is valid for most nudes anyways). It shows up every single dry patch and chappiness. However it does have a really nice muted pink shade, no concealer deadness, white film or fake-tan tinge to it. Plus it does not dry my lips at all. Obviously you need to put lip balm before you apply it, but it does not make my lips feel any drier than before the application and it does feel nice (read: absolutely no taste, no smell, no burning or itching).

Another little detail which I really like about Darling is the packaging. It comes in a sleek black tube, half-glossy and half-matte (inside glossy, outside matte) and nice engraved GOSH in the middle. No unnecessary stickers on it either.  

Overall, I would say go for it. At least swatch it in a drugstore, as it might not suit your skin tone, but if does, there is a high chance that it can become your favourite nude.

What is your favourite nude drugstore find?
Does Darling work for you?