Soap & Glory products are known mainly for their amazing 'Dior' scent, but what you should also know is that they have some quality 'it really works!' products worth trying (and sticking to them). One of them is The Greatest Scrub of All (pretty much self explanatory, heh).  

I've tried (and liked) loads of scrubs, but for some reason they all tend to feel rough on my skin and dry it out (I do have a normal skin type, maybe slightly dry at patches). Soap & Glory facial scrub is on contrary, unbelievably sensitive to my skin! The key principle for success seems to be the consistency, which is quite creamy (although a bit squishy and when you squeeze it out, it 'pours' very slowly) with tiny beads.

There are, at least it seems to me, two types of beads. You can see them in the picture below, one is yellow and apparently, these beads contain soothing moisturising liquid in them, which releases when you pop them (I don't happen to pop to them all the time, you have to make quite a pressure to do so). Another type is white beads, which is the part that works like an actual scrub. You can't see them really (maybe you can tell that the white substance seems all lumpy?) but they do create this feeling of a slight 'microdemabrasion' effect on my skin, and still they do not make it feel 'skinned'. The scent is very soft, unlike other Soap & Glory products, it is not unpleasant though (I would describe it as one of those 'clean' scents). I use the product every now and then, not on a regular basis, and it works really well, it does make me feel like I got rid off all the dead cells, but does not scrub off my (already pale) face colour. In addition, it contains salicylic acid, which is great to fight  spots (or even prevent them from happening)! You don't need to use much either, so £9 for such a quality product is not bad at all.    

You might be slightly confused why I put a picture of scrubbing gloves and a shower puff at the beginning. Although the product is not aimed to be used like I sometimes do, I can't resist. Because it leaves such as fresh and nicely 'clean' feeling and scent, I sometimes use it as an exfoliator for the rest of my body, where the skin might be slightly more sensitive (read: neck, bust, inner sides of my arms, underarms) so I pair it up with gloves or puff to make the exfoliation a bit 'harsher', but still sensitive enough not to irritate my skin.

If you need more information, have a read on Soap & Glory website!  

What's your favourite facial scrub?