Perfumes are usually associated with pretty bottles, possibly handy roll-ons. Nevertheless, isn't the best way how to keep the scent linger on your skin for longer to just rub it in? L'Occitane is one of a few solid-perfume-makers I've discovered and I am in love (not even jokin, I'm in love ladies!) with their Green Tea Solid Perfume!  

This product probably makes you wonder twice - firstly, a solid perfume? And secondly, green tea scent?! You don't know what you're missing until you try this. The first time I discovered a green tea perfume was in Yves Rocher (which I already mentioned in L'Occitane post before), where I got an actual liquidy perfume and I was instantly in love. I assume green tea scent is not for everyone, but I love the freshness and uniqueness it has! You can't beat this scent in terms of freshness, trust me. It wakes you up, but it does not smell as harsh as mint, and it does give you this 'fresh feel' that you will fall in love with.

The form of solid perfume by L'Occitane is super handy! The metal tin is basically unbreakable and you can easily chuck it into your purse on the go. It has an oily base, therefore it melts under your fingertips, which makes it easy to apply, but protects it from melting (and spilling). Also, at least this works for me, rubbing in the solid perfume on places such as behind my ears, neck, wrists, helps the perfume linger on my skin for much longer than any other perfume. It stays on pretty much whole day (I applied it around 7am and it's almost 5pm and I can still smell it exactly as much as in the morning!). Whatsmore, L'Occitane does not test on animals and most of their products are natural or organic.

You can get this little baby from L'Occitane boutiqes or online for £.7.50 (10ml), although I got it on sale last week for £5. I definitely do recommend sniffin this when you in the shop, as it's one of the Marmite products, you either gonna hate it or love it!

Do you like solid perfumes?
Have you tried any?