I've never really cared about my eyebrows too much, because they are just too wild. They are all wonky and too straight, so I pretty much gave up. New year is a new start, so I thought I would give those beasts another chance! MUA Eyebrow pencil in Brunette came pretty handy!

What I've tried so far was a number of pencils which I were not too keen on, because they were sort of too harsh on my skin (kept pulling it, argh) and did not have much of a colour pay off. The best solution so far I found was using dark brown eye shadows just to fill in some more visible gaps and givin my brows that 'put together' look. It wasn't until a few days ago when this MUA Eyebrow pencil crossed my way! I have to admit that I've been eyeing it for a while, because I love MUA's colour pay off and shades, but still I was a bit sceptical, that it would be just another brown pencil in my collection. But what are my actual first impressions of it?

I find the design extremely handy! It comes with two ends - one the actual pencil and the other one is a brush/comb. It is great for chucking it into your bag, because you don't need much more for topping it up during the day, and the packaging is quite sturdy (quite a few pencils I had before has such thin plastic caps that they broke after first or second use) and the caps are covering and hence protecting both ends (not only the pencil end, like some other ones do).  

The pencil itself is really soft (does not pull at all!) and has got great colour pay off. The shade is very suitable for brunettes (finally a better name than 'brown'), because it is not too dark and the softness creates almost creamy finish, which allows you to smudge it with the brush as much as you like and therefore shape it and match your colour better. As it does smudge so much, I recommend to set it with clear mascara. 

This is a look which I've created with MUA eyebrow pencil and MUA palette! I really like its convenient application and the fact that it has a nice colour and the application does not pull my skin! You can get MUA eyebrow pencil for just a quid in Superdrug or online in MUA store.  

How do you style your brows?
What's your favourite brow product?

(*I received this product from MUA as a prize for Blog of a Fortnight in their newsletter! Thank you guys!)