Super green molecule & Saccharomyces Boulardii

Everyone always tells me that when in a co-habitual relationship they gain weight and start eating the most ridiculous junk food. Now, I never wanted to believe it because I thought having someone cook for me was way healthier than alternating between a £1 Asda pizza and pasta with pesto. But you know what? Since my glorious exit from my past relationship I actually managed to not only lose a few pounds, but also learnt to enjoy both cooking and eating nice healthy food! I even got back into taking supplements to improve my naughty digestion!

FOUNTAIN The Super Green Molecule (£27.99, Look Fantastic - buy here)
Most of you are probably familiar with the Hyaluronic Molecule - the one which gives you beautiful smooth skin and lovely hair (as they say). The Molecule which I've picked to try is the Super Green one - the one which improves your metabolism, helps with hydration and detoxification. It does all this magic because it contains alfalfa chlorophyll which improves red blood cell county and oxygen levels in your bloodstream however it also contains some hyaluronic acid so not only will I be all boosted and detoxified, I will also have pretty skin and hair, woop woop! I'm not gonna lie - it doesn't taste like kiwi as the packaging says, but the way it diffuses in water makes up for it - it looks like dipping a brush with grass green watercolour in a glass of water. Who knew supplements can be this beautiful?!

VIRIDIAN Saccharomyces Boulardii (£16.40, Amazon - buy here)
You might have noticed I have quite a thing for Viridian supplements. One of the reasons is that I'm much more comfortable putting my trust in a company who works on a niche level. You want supplements? You go to Viridian because you know they will have a vast range available and they will be good. I most likely won't be picking up one from Superdrug's own range because - c'mon, what does Superdrug know about supplements?! The same range offers you shaving blades, supplements AND a soap. Meh! Now to the mysterious tongue twister which is the Saccharomyces Boulardii. It's one of the most recent additions to the Viridian range of synbiotics (these are so called 'good gut bacteria' supplements). It contains a mix of both probiotics and prebiotics which help you improve digestion and keeping control over 100 trillion bacteria which populates your digestive system.

I find that these two work a treat on my little naughty belly (it's a little oversensitive to pre-made food, especially if they are high in chemical preservatives, greasy meals and it gets bloated quite easily on every day basis) plus I also feel that the Molecule prevents my fingers getting swollen in hot weather (water retention is a bugger!). I usually alternate between these two as I don't like taking more than one type of supplement at the time - although in this case it wouldn't be an issue because each contains very different ingredients.

Do you take any supplements?
If so, do you take any probiotics? Which ones are your favourite?