Thoughts on protein shakes, capsules & cookies
I'm not a big exercise buff and I will probably never be. Every now & then I get into the spirit and watch Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred DVD - half lying on my sofa, half doing all the crazy kicks and jumps and what not. Don't get me wrong, I like keeping fit, and I think it's tremendously important, especially if your day job is sitting in front of a computer from 9 to 5, followed by sitting on a train just to get home and then sitting in front of your laptop or God forbid - your telly! I just prefer doing it my own way – healthy-ish eating habits, walks and hikes (mainly shopping induced, obviously), keeping my mind positive and cheery (when I’m not being my usual old grumpy self). Now since we will be talking protein today - the following thoughts have been provided by my other half rather than the little slothy me. 


I remember how back in the day people saw protein to be in the same family as steroids and what not. Nowadays protein in all sorts of shapes and forms is available to everyone. And specifically protein shakes seem to be the most ordinary form available in high street stores as well as on the internet. There are so many different types of protein and so many different additional ingredients it would take me days to explain them in detail. I let the research here up to you. What you need to know though is that if you do a lot of exercises, chances are you should have a higher intake of protein than your regular diet provides. This is because when you’re exercising, you’re basically tearing minuscule fibres in your muscles which need protein to repatch and therefore become stronger and bigger. Total Breakfast from MyProtein has proved to be one of the better muscle mass protein shakes I’ve tried. It doesn’t taste brilliant (in fact it tastes pretty vile!) but it contains caffeine as well as some additional vitamins and minerals so I don’t have to be taking any additional supplements on top of this. Convenient or what.     


Protein tablets and capsules don’t seem to be terribly popular at the moment however they are handy when you find the taste of protein shakes just rank. One thing I’d like to point out and that is – be mindful of where you buy your protein tablets from as there is a number of scam websites out there who are offering a free trial yet you get charged hundreds of pounds of the basis of small print clauses. Bummer!  


Protein bars and cookies have the advantage of being not only tasty (I dare say delicious!) but thanks to the form they come in they provide you with a quick protein fix which you can eat on the go or even whilst exercising!

Do you gulp protein shakes, pop protein tablets or munch on protein cookies?
Which protein is your favourite and why?

💭 MyProtein have provided some of these protein products for testing however the vast protein knowledge, my floppy chicken wings & an unhealthy appetite for protein bars & cookies is my very own.