What to buy from Lush on Valentine's Day: Soft Coeur

Yup, we're totally talking heart shaped products now. A few days ago I featured a rose shaped perfume, so why not go all out there with hearts, right? At least this is just a white (not scarlet red) heart with a chocolate centre - the delicious (no, do not eat it!) massage bar Soft Coeur by Lush.

I'm not an all-year-around Lush fan girl, I'm not gonna lie - I think the products are real pamper gems though! The over-friendliness of the staff tends to double (sometimes triple) my unjustified social anxiety which has resulted in me running out of the store on a number of occasions, so yeah - sorry Lush, I'm not sorry. Once a year I brave it though - and that time is now - the Valentine's Day! Last year I absolutely fell in love with the massage bar 'Tender is the night' and I really wanted to get it again this year. So that day I was on a mission. I came out with a heart shaped massage bar - mission accomplished. Only after using it for the first time I realised it smells a bit different - because it IS a different massage bar! Soft Coeur smells very sweet - buttery with a hint of chocolate, almond & honey. It's just as gorgeous (if not more) as the one I originally wanted!

You can buy this little heart for £4.95 in Lush stores or online here.

Which Lush massage bar is your favourite?