I'm on a bit of a DIY wave lately - have you seen my DIY wooden pallet sofa? Crazy, hey?! Today's DIY is slightly less crazy, and a tad more frequent on blogs lately, but it's definitely easy & fun enough to give it a go! Check out my step-by-step guide to DIY laptop washi tape makeover!

All you need is your laptop (or keyboard of your PC, or anything you fancy washi-taping), some washi tape (I got this 4-pack from Paperchase for about £3, but you can get them from all different places, e.g. Wilko's, e-bay etc) and a pair of scissors. Now - cut up the tape to the size of individual keys, stick it on - voila! You can also spice up the top cover of your laptop with a few washi tape stripes or even create more elaborate designs. 

Once you get bored of the colours or once the stickers wear off, you can just take them off or replace them with brand new washi tape! Yay!

Have you tried any DIY lately?
What DIY project of yours are you the most proud of?