Inspired by Instagram: Beautiful home decor with a mid-century flare
I'm a hoarder. I'm not a minimalist. My photographs are not crisp Scandinavian white dotted with golden glitter (I wish!). And neither is my home (seriously, can anyone with two fluffy cats possibly keep that white white?!). Instead I've been filling my home with vintage finds, up cycled pieces of furniture and mementos from pre-1989 Czechoslovakia. I eat my dinner off a WWI china and I own more books written in Old English than I'm even going to be able to read. I suppose you could say that I live in the past - or as I like to call it surrounded by the past. I surround myself with it for the memory of the people no one else remembers. Often I like to think about stories of those long forgotten people whilst sipping my tea from their mug. And I deeply admire anyone who does the same (not necessarily for the same nostalgic reasons but does it nonetheless) - who resurrects vintage pieces and gives them a new chance at life. Whilst scrolling through my Instagram the other day I realised that there's a handful of people whose interiors are just that - they are full of mystique of the past, the most incredible colour schemes and just insanely amazing one of a kind pieces with that curious vintage mid-century flare.

Please note - after scrolling through the following accounts you will become obsessed with:
🌿 plants, plants & more plants (ideally a whole jungle)
🌿 bright coloured dressers
🌿 wicker & rattan everything (especially those hanging egg chairs)
🌿 layered multi-textured rugs
🌿 everything bronze & tarnished
🌿 bright coloured velvet sofas
🌿 gallery walls
🌿 oil paintings (from pre-1950s)
🌿 dark wallpapers
🌿 wooden floorings on fleek
🌿 belly baskets and everything woven
🌿 sheep fur rugs everywhere

Note: That absolutely gorgeous tray is from ibride Galerie De Portraits via Amara. I can't get enough of them! See the whole collection here.

What are your favourite Instagram accounts that post interior snaps?

Inspired by Instagram: Beautiful home decor with mid-century flare