Diversifying blogging income: Decluttering
We've already talked about how important diversification of your income is. You never know when a client's going to walk away (not because you're constantly talking about cats but perhaps just because of a budget restrain), you never know when you'll be made redundant (because no one's job is safe these days), you never know when the workload just becomes too much for you to take (because some managers think we're superheroes, don't they?). I've already talked about the fail-safe method of earning tax-free money through matched betting - which I do admit can be a little intimidating to some. Today we'll talk about a side hustle that absolutely anyone can do. It's perhaps one of the most old fashioned side hustles out there - I'm talking about getting rid of all your old junk that you don't need, use or want in your life.


💸 Wardrobe clear out 
(read: you really don't need 5 dresses that look the same & none of them fits you)
The most obvious of them all - especially if you're a blogger. Everyone has bought a top that they've never worn. Or a dress that just didn't sit right. Or an embroidered handbag with little elephants that doesn't go with absolutely anything that's in their wardrobe already. I'm not saying follow the exact steps of Marie Kondo's decluttering (they are pretty intense if you ask me) but a seasonal sort out of your wardrobe will surely reap a pile of things that need chucking, a pile that needs donating to the charity shop and a pile that could earn you some decent cash. There are three super easy ways to replace your old dresses (which probably still have tags on them) with hefty jingly pockets. If you have lots and want it gone quickly with cash in hand then go to a car boot sale. Each piece will go for £1-3 (or even more if you have some interesting brands in your wardrobe!) & you'll jingle away with cash in hand. If you're Midlands based then this one is pretty good! Alternatively you can list your items on Depop (click here) where you can set higher price and immediately sell it when someone expresses interest. If you have a little more time on hand and really want to increase your margin then list your items on eBay (click here). You will have to wait at least 3 days for the auction to finish but you're usually going to get quite a decent return. In my last clear out I made about £200 from just clothes and a few random bits & bobs!

💸 Precious metals
(read: those ear-rings your ex gave you)
I'm most definitely guilty of this one - I keep gold and silver jewellery just because it's 'real' and 'precious' despite me having absolutely no intentions of ever wearing it again because it's been given it to me by someone I've grown to dislike (to say the least). I'm not particularly comfortable selling jewellery on eBay and Depop and pawnshops make me feel rather uncomfortable. My choice of cash for gold service is Post My Gold (see it here). Selling jewellery online has never been easier (it does sound like a cliche but honestly - this website is legit genius!). All you need to do is request a free gold pack (an envelope they send you for free which you use to send your jewellery/gold teeth/engagement ring from your ex-fiance back to them). Once you've sent it they'll evaluate it (within 24 hours), price match it and make you an offer. If you're happy with it they'll pay you (within 24 hours), if you're not happy they'll return it back to you for free. Smooth, isn't it! I've sent them a few bits I've had lying around and not only that I got cash for it - I also got that priceless peace of mind that I don't have any unwanted reminders of my wrong life choices lying around.

💸 PR samples
(read: you absolutely don't need 3 hair dryers)
This is a tricky one - many people frown upon bloggers re-selling PR samples. Now before you start judging me (& every blogger in the world) - hear me out. I'm strictly against draining PRs for free samples which go straight onto your eBay page - that's just dirty laundry and pretty much abuse of blogging as such. On the other hand if your blog is all about reviews or you're posting a new outfit post every single day, your house got to be overflowing with items that you probably won't use again. You might have worn that skirt you got from that lovely PR lady from House of Fraser twice. But then you got another one from New Look. And another one from Quiz. Why wouldn't you pass it onto someone else who will love it? And if you haven't got friends of your size (or friends, full stop) and you simply don't want to give away all these pieces to charity then list it on eBay. Or Depop. Or sell it at a car boot sale. Do it. I see absolutely no harm in selling that 5th pair of hair curlers and 25th spring dress to pay your bills. Do you remember the days when bloggers did blogsales? Those were the times! 

💸 Books
(read: are you ever going to read Fifty Shades of Grey again?!)
Books are so easy to sell via eBay. They don't usually go for millions but if you are an avid reader who refuses to accept that Kindles/Kobos are a thing then those 20 books you've read this month could make £20 easily. What I usually do is buy used books off eBay (which usually cost a quid or two) and then list them back on eBay (which usually makes a quid or two) leaving me at zero margin. Which is pretty pleasant to say the least for someone who reads a fair amount of books. I just wish I wasn't so hung up on pretty covers - any book with a pretty cover goes straight onto my shelf! Also don't forget that vintage books can go for a pretty decent amount of money on eBay - I bought a natural history book from a charity shop that cost me £3 and the exact edition goes for £60 on eBay. Dig up those books from the loft and list them - you might be surprised how much you'll make!

💸 Seedlings & plants  
(read: what is she on about even?)
Right, right. This is a strange one. But I promise you it works and it's fairly easy. If you'll read my blog post on how to propagate a fig tree from cutting you'll be on board. There are a lot of plants that can grow from cuttings - so when you're giving your houseplant a trim, check whether it can be propagated. If so then put your cutting into a jar with water and leave it on the window sill. Come back a few weeks later and boom - it's grown roots! Some plants are very popular on eBay - for instance fiddle leaf figs go for £10+. So just by leaving a leaf in the water for a couple of weeks and then listing it on eBay you might have made yourself enough to pay for a new mascara. I feel like that's a pretty effortless money making right there!

What's your favourite way of making money (apart from going to work, obviously doh!)?
Have you tried any of the above? 

Diversifying blogging income: Decluttering
💭 This post is in collaboration with Post My Gold however I've road tested all these simple side hustles myself and can vouch for them all.