6 blogs I've actually read in April 2017
If blogging full time has taught me one thing this year then it is that it's not all about making money and sharing sponsored content (ironically!). It's about saying good morning to the people you enjoy working with (and sending them the occasional cat gif to spruce up their day!), leaving a comment on a blog post that made your eyes well up (because deep down we're all miserable bastards and can totally relate) or just saying to your favourite blogger that they look damn hot in that new dress (even if you're slightly jealous of their flawless figure, it all counts!). Today I'd like you to go & read 6 blog posts - one on each of the following blogs. These blogs are written by beautiful ladies who inspire me (and many others!) every day - fancy joining the crowd? 


🌿 Issy Belle Fox (read her blog here)
I might be a little biased here as it might not be just Issy who I'm ever so slightly in love with. At least 75% of my obsession goes to Cecil & Albie - her two little kitty sidekicks! Issy writes about everything - from her recent beauty discoveries and snippets from her cosy home to her fertility journey. Even her other half Luke sometimes throws in his few cents for good measure! Her recent posts about kittens are my absolute favourite though (why aren't there more cat bloggers?!) - you can read all about lead training of Cecil & Albie here. But please use caution when entering Issy's blog - you'll find A LOT of adorable kitten photos there! Oh, and if that's not enough hop over to Instagram & follow Sir Albert & little button Cecil here!  

🌿 Rush + Teal (find her blog here)
Allie's blog is all about visuals - her photography is beyond breathtaking, be it her travel diaries, stills from her home or fashion posts (usually taken by Zoe Griffin, a London photographer who captures Allie's personality just so well!). Rush & Teal is a real scrapbook of a blog with the most beautifully laid out posts with a sprinkle of handwriting here and there, all put together with incredibly insightful reflections throughout. You will love this post about 48 hours in Glasgow, I can guarantee that!

🌿 Nosh & Breks (dribble over her reviews here)
If you're looking for suggestions on where to eat in Birmingham then Claire's blog is the one. She always finds some hidden gems that are not necessarily the most obvious choice when you find yourself roaming through the streets of Brum. Her reviews come with everything that you'd want to know before choosing your eatery - rating of dishes, prices, up close photos. I mean, did you know there's a Nepalese bar & restaurant in Birmingham? Read all about it here!

🌿 A Snippet of Life (explore her blog here)
Lea is a Swiss blogger who writes about lifestyle but throws in a good measure of fashion & beauty too! Her gorgeous blog reminds me of the good old days when bloggers used to write about the things they truly loved - be it a stunning pair of floral culottes from Primark (yes, it's this pair!), new nail art technique they've discovered (right here) or about a weekend they spent in Amsterdam (click here). Lea is also an insanely talented baker - just look at these marshmallow cheesecake cupcakes!

🌿 Welile (check her blog out here)
Welile originally comes from Swaziland but is currently living in LA. This lady blogs mainly about travelling (she's one of those backpackers that makes you want to travel the world!) and delicious recipes! I'm seriously swooning over her photography skills - and you wouldn't believe that all her photos are taken on her phone! After reading her 5 reasons why you should visit South Africa (read it here) I'm seriously tempted (more than I was when I was dating a South African man, fact!) and if you're not one for travelling then you can always try her Easy lemon garlic chicken recipe.

🌿 My Cooking Diary (head over here)
And here's one blog that you might not be able to read (it's written in Czech) but you'll most definitely be able to admire its beautiful photography. Katerina started her blog when she moved out of her parents' - that's really when it hits you, isn't it? The realisation that there won't be any pudding unless you make it. Hell, there won't be any dinner unless you make it!! What I absolutely love about her blog is that it's simple enough for me to follow. There are no fancy Daffodil nuts and Squirrel brains in her recipes, it's all about the ingredients that are already sat in your cupboard and you won't have to use any extraterrestrial magical formula to turn them into an edible (and hella fancy looking!) dish. Just look at this homemade pasta with tomatoes, ricotta & pancetta.

Note: That insanely beautiful tray is from ibride Galerie De Portraits via Amara. You might have already spotted one in yesterday's post. These are my new favourite thing in the world and I WANT THEM ALL. Honestly, all of them. They even have ones with cats!! There will be a separate post on these because LOVE but for now I just had to show you! See the whole collection here.

Which blogs have you been reading this month?

6 blogs I've actually read in April 2017

6 blogs I've actually read 6 blogs I've actually read 6 blogs I've actually read