Feline Foodology: The Feline Cuisine menu
One of the most difficult things when it comes to feeding your cat a proper cat food is actually finding it. You can get some amazing brands online and some of them are available from Pets at Home but let's face it - we all shop for our cat's food when we're doing our weekly shop, aren't we? And all there is in my local supermarket is just - not particularly great. Just imagine the surprise when I saw a new pretty healthy looking brand pop up in Tesco's! It's called the Feline Cuisine & it looks so nice Shaun thought it was his dinner!

🐷 The Feline Cuisine Pulled Pork with Chicken
The Feline Cuisine offers a complete wet food solution for your cat. It seems like they took the route of 'simple ingredients make a good food' which has definitely paid off. No matter which flavour you pick - they have three at the moment (Seafood platter with flaked salmon and mackerel fillets complemented by prawns, Pulled chicken complemented with shredded duck in sauce, Pulled pork complemented with shredded chicken in a light jelly) - the Feline Cuisine guarantees that your cat is getting at least 50% of good quality meat with the latter half being jelly/sauce). Cookie & Pippi are pretty impressed by this one (look-wise it's very similar to Lily's Kitchen) - and considering that the trays are slightly larger than usual (100g versus the usual 70g) they also seem to be one of the cheapest high quality wet food options on the market at the moment. Oh and can we just take a moment to appreciate the aesthetic of the packaging? Well done to whoever has created the design for the Feline Cuisine - being a cat doesn't mean everything needs to have kitten paws and cartoon cats on it (talking to you Dreamies!) - Cookie & Pippin definitely appreciate a bit of glossy luxury! I also really appreciate that they are not trying to allude their customers when it comes to the ingredients - their pulled pork is complemented with chicken, so even before you look at the list of ingredients you know that there will be a higher percentage of pork than of chicken.

Ingredients: Pork 35%, Chicken 15%, Minerals
Analytical components: Crude protein 12.0%, crude oils and fats 3.5%, crude fibres 0.5%, crude ash 2.0%, moisture 81%, Additives -Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E 48, Calcium iodate, Zinc sulphate, Taurine Price: 90p for 100g, 6-pack for £4.75

You can get the Feline Cuisine at your local Tesco - or by clicking here!

To learn more about proper cat food you can grab a copy of Jenny's book Cats off the Carbs here - it's a great little guide if you're looking to start feeding your cat a proper food! And just to reiterate (and give you an example of what kind of information you can find in the book) - a good cat food is
High in animal protein
Moderate in fat
Low in carbohydrates
What are you feeding your cats at the moment?
Have you ever tried reading the labels & deciphering what they mean?

Feline Foodology: The Feline Cuisine menu
💭 Totally not sponsored - Jenny was kind enough to share her book Cats off the Carbs with me (thank you!) however all the picky feline habits, beany toesies and stinky toots after eating too much of this delicious pulled pork are our very own. 
💭 I don't claim to be an expert in cat food - all my knowledge is gathered from Jenny's book, the internets and my own personal experience, however I'm genuinely hoping this series will help others understand the importance of proper cat food.

Feline Foodology: The Feline Cuisine menu


Feline Foodology Feline Foodology Feline Foodology
Feline Foodology Feline Foodology Feline Foodology
Feline Foodology Feline Foodology Feline Foodology