My evening skincare routine is nothing too fancy shmancy - at least on the no-time-for-pampering days, it's pretty simple & straight-forward. Shall we have a look into it?

Liz Earle Cleans & Polish (£13.25 for 100ml): I'm not gonna lie - Bioderma micellar water can go & beep beep beep itself. First I thought it was good - it took off my make-up easily, but by the time I got the the bottom of the bottle, my skin was an absolute mess. As soon as I went back to the trusty Liz Earle, my skin has only been better. Liz Earle has got this strange ability to make your skin 'feel' better just after one use, plus it takes off your make-up in two muslin cloth sweeps. You can read a full review here.  

Ark Remove Pre Skin Cleanse* (£24 for 125ml): Pre-cleanse-what?! Yes, sometimes you might be wearing a heavy foundation or spending hours travelling in public transport. Those are the days when your skin gets the biggest strain - dirt, make-up, excess oil, clogged pores.. and then it just goes downhill. To avoid the final freak-out-because-of-the-spots-invasion stage, you should try a pre-cleanse - simple as that. Pre-cleanse is basically a multi fruit lipid blend (read herbal and fruit extracts & oils) which dissolves all the yuck on your skin. Then you do a final cleanse with your regular cleanser. Is this step necessary? No. Definitely not every day. When you're not wearing any make-up and don't even leave your bed, then you definitely won't be needing a pre-cleanse in the evening. Goin' out with full on make-up and spending your night in a club dancing for hours and hours? This is a step you might need to avoid clogged & dirty pores.   

Ark Age Prepare Skin Clear Cleanser* (£22 for 200ml): Do you remember when I was singing odes on Lierac Refreshing Cleansing Gel? And how I was sayin' that there's nothing as amazing? Well, there might be. Ark cleanser is just as powerful at cleansing as Lierac, but it's also very gentle. It doesn't strip my skin as much as Lierac did and therefore I can use it every single day, phew! I think my skin is rather keen on the tea in skin care products - because it loves Ginvera Green Tea BB cream as much as it loves this cleanser which contains white tea! It also has got a watercress, nettle and horsetail and oat amino acids which balance out dry/oily parts of your skin - a smart cleanser, or what?! 

HollyBeth Marigold & Bergamot Face Moisturizer* (£22 for 60ml): As you may have realized somewhere here & here, I have a thing for face oils. In fact, it is a bit worrying, because some nights I cannot go without putting oil on my face, it makes me all nervous (spots scared nervous) when I can't slap something greasy on. Erm, awk - I know. This marigold & bergamot dry oil is absolutely lush - because of its ingredients, it calms and relaxes both your skin and your mind - the scent is very 'fresh herbs'. Marigold in particular is quite an unusual ingredient to be in a oil - at least I have not heard of marigold oil before - however it is a great little ingredient with anti-inflammatory properties which not only calm the skin, but it also keeps spots and other skin infections in bay, as well as it kills any bacteria mingling around on your skin!   

Nuxe lip balm (£9.50 for 15g): This is not exactly a skincare item, but it's always standing in the bunch with my evening skincare, so I thought I might as well throw it in. I've already mentioned in my favourite lip care products here, which was quite a while ago, and yet - it's still one of the top lip care products I own. It's really thick and the scent might be too strong for some, however it's the only lip balm I've tried so far that gives immediate results. Have you had one too many and your lips are now horribly dry & sore? Have you been running around shops all day and didn't have time to re-apply your favourite on the go lip balm? This will sort you out in literally 5 minutes. Little miracle pot, hey!     

What skincare products do you use in the evening?