You already know that I'm not a massive Lush fan, but sometimes, just sometimes, I find there some absolutely amazing products - like these shampoos & this massage bar. But then, there are products that I read lots and lots of fantastic reviews about and after trying them I'm all like.. hmm meh. Yeah, Catastrophe Cosmetic fresh face mask is one of the hmm meh ones.

This fresh mask contains blueberries, almond oil and Irish moss extract which is apparently great for combating blemishes and pimples, as it's got so many inflammatory & antioxidant properties). It's meant to make your skin feel nourished and soft and all lovely. The use is a bit tricky as the blueberries are not exactly finely mashed into the face mask, so you might end up with a few whole blueberries here & there, oops. I like that it's a fridge mask - keeping face masks (& other face products) in the fridge makes them very soothing yet refreshing on the skin. Well, and that's about it. It's not a bad face mask, no way - it is refreshing and my skin did feel nice after using it, but erm, not nice enough to be paying almost £6 a pot. It makes my skin feel soft & moisturized for about an hour or so after the use and then it's back to normal. No super long-lasting softness, no blemish-erasing, no pimple-taming. Just - meh.

What's your favourite Lush product at the moment?