Recreate the Pin: Industrial workspace
We haven't had a new Recreate the Pin for a couple of months now - yet these are one of my absolute favourite posts to write in the home decor category. I mean - who doesn't want to recreate the perfect Pinterest home? Claire from the Green Eyed Girl is the real life 'turning my home into Pinterest' guru (see her kitchen here - it's picture perfect!) but the thing is - not everyone is able to pull it off to such perfection without a little help. That's why I created Recreate the Pin - a series of posts where I grab a popular Pin from Pinterest and recreate it with items that are readily available online or in your local interior shop. Today's all about that perfect industrial workspace which you can very easily recreate at home with just a few key pieces!

You can find many beautiful pieces with industrial feel in places like IKEA and Homebase. They, however won't provide you with a full range of them - it will be a desk here, a set of drawers there but that will be it. Zurleys (browse here), a family business based in St Helens, UK, offers a range of unique furniture pieces that you won't find anywhere else. They have a tarnished retro range, a range which consists of stunning mirrored pieces and also a broad industrial range. From heavy duty work desks with metal work surfaces to foundry bar stools, steel bar carts and armchairs combining cold pipe framework with worn 1920's-style leather cushions. To recreate this workspace that gives away that manufacturing feel with a touch of intellectual sophistication you will need a few key pieces to set the tone. Zurley's industrial desk (here) with two sets of drawers is perfect for this (and I'm sure all bloggers will appreciate that tarnished metal work surface which doubles as a blog photo prop). Add a few urban themed shelves - steel piping and stained wood if your ultimate base palette for this room.  

Now to add a bit of character & dimension you'll need a few bits & bobs, trinkets and knick knacks to tie this room together. Let your personality shine through your picks - hares represent cheekiness whereas owls stand for femininity and wisdom. Elements from the Ancient Greece & Rome will give the room an aura of academia. Throw in a few vintage books, perhaps some blue prints on the wall and you have the ultimate work den!

What's your favourite workspace theme?
Is your home office modern with crisp white accents?
Or does it have a lot of cushions and some fairy lights for cosiness?
Pin source: here
Recreate the Pin: Industrial workspace
📌 bronze hare (here) 📌 owl ornament (here) 📌 wooden lantern (here) 📌 industrial desk (here) 📌 large silver clock (here) 📌 Ancient Greek bust (here) 📌 industrial chest of drawers (here) 📌 Dracaena & planter (here & here) 📌 tall industrial shelf (here) 📌 metal chair (here) 📌 industrial desk lamp (here) 📌

💭 This post is in collaboration with Zurleys however my love for home decor including everything with an antique and vintage flare is my very own.