5 places to eat at when visiting Jericho, Oxford
Since Jericho is one of my top 5 places you must visit when in Oxford I thought a post on Jericho itself is in order. And because there are so many cosy cafes, quaint eateries and fancy restaurants there why not just talk food. Only food. Jericho is such a quirky neighbourhood even to stroll around - you can pop into a charity shop, a second hand book store or even a flower shop that you'd thin travelled through time & space from the 1920s Paris. But really - it's all about the food! 

Where to dine when in Jericho
🍰 Barefoot Coffee & Cake
Our favourite little cafe in the whole Oxford must be Barefoot Coffee & Cake. It's the cosiest with quite a distinct Parisian feel and a dash of shabby chic decor to it. The shop manager Lucy, who you can often see serving delicious cakes & pies, is ever so lovely and most definitely gives the place a fair share of her bright & friendly personality! I can confirm that I've been served THE BEST cake I've ever had in this place (it was the peach & cherry one). They also make a peanut butter one and red velvet one and pumpkin & ginger one and about 4372012 different flavours on top of that!  
Find out more here

🍳 Jericho Cafe

No wonder that I love their big hearty breakfasts and hearty brunches - the Jericho Cafe has been voted the 2nd best for brunch in Britain by the Saturday Times! Apart from the traditional English breakfast and beans on toast on a buttered Oxford sourdough you can also try their delicious yummy scrummy porridge topped with toasted hazelnuts!
Explore their menu here

🍕 Mamma Mia
You just know that a traditional Italian pizzeria with a 35 year history is going to make some of the best pizza you've ever had. Unless you go to have it in Italy, that is (nothing in the world beats an Italian pizza from an Italian pizzeria eaten on an Italian beach). Mamma Mia is pretty damn close though. The Mamma Mia pizza is a firm favourite of mine - with spicy pepperoni, beechwood smoked ham, artichoke, mushrooms, olives, peppers, onion, capers & an egg cracked right in the middle of it! You might wonder whether a pizza with a fried egg on top works - I can tell you now it does, oh it does! 
Dribble over all their other pizzas here

🍻 The Victoria
If you're into your pints, cosy fireplaces and sausage & mustard kind of platters then this Victorian tavern will make your belly well happy. The Victoria is mainly all about that cosy pub feel - leather armchairs, small round tables, a bar that's got ridges from all the pints that's been served there over the years. Their particular speciality are hot pies - ones with venison & butternut squash or with mushroom, spinach, hazelnut and white truffle oil. Or just a steak & ale, ya know.
Discover what else they've got to offer here

🍗 The Jericho Tavern
You may have already read about The Jericho Tavern on Cityscape Bliss as the place where Radiohead played their first gig. It's the perfect mix of beers, pub food & music and those whole place has got this extremely easy going character to it - with bare brick walls, larger than life chalkboard menus and stacks of board games for good measure.
See what gigs they have planner right here.  

🐟 Loch Fyne
This seafood & grill restaurant is a complete 180 degree turn from the places I've just mentioned - it's a proper sit down & have a fancy dinner kind of dining here. They have a huge selection of fresh fish and seafood dishes from your standard fish & chips to a soft shell crab pakora burger, seafood ramen and chorizo & basel mussels. Plus you can also buy fresh fish from their food counter to recreate your favourite dish at home!
Check out the full menu here

🍛 The Standard
It wouldn't be me if I didn't mention my personal pick from the world of curry. The Standard, which has been run by the very same family since its opening in the 1970s, serves a traditional Bengali and South Asian cuisine. That means a lot of beautiful curry dishes, samosas and naans. Their saag aloo is so delicious and so is the keema naan. You can either eat in or order from their take-away menu. I really wish they delivered to Birmingham now.
Read their full menu here.  

These are just my top 7 picks but trust me - there's more where these came from!
What's your favourite eatery in Oxford?

5 places to eat at when visiting Jericho, Oxford
5 places to eat at when visiting Jericho, Oxford
5 places to eat at when visiting Jericho, Oxford
5 places to eat at when visiting Jericho, Oxford
5 places to eat at when visiting Jericho, Oxford
5 places to eat at when visiting Jericho, Oxford
5 places to eat at when visiting Jericho, Oxford
5 places to eat at when visiting Jericho, Oxford
7 places to eat at when visiting Jericho, Oxford