Although I do love reading haul posts, I don't write them that much myself. That might be because havin' a full-time job made me realize that makin' money doesn't necessarily mean that you have time spendin' it as well as havin' your own flat does not necessarily mean you'll have money to buy a sofa for it *le sigh*. What you see below is a truly collective spring haul which I've managed to get together over about 2-3 months - all things spring related, all treats that I don't need, but have cheered me up in the cold English weather we've been havin'!

First of all - I got loads (read way too many) of the new MUA nail polishes. You can read the whole MUA/Essie affair here, and although I do not agree with MUA copyin' Essie (or any other brand really) to such an extent, they are cheap, cheerful & are ideal to pop into your handbag, pack into a suitcase for summer holiday or just have a few shades up on your dressing table remindin' you that you wanted to paint your nails in a happy colour.   

The other day I went to get something for Justin in a shop called Outfit (not sure how common these are - basically it's like a little Debenhams with brands like Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, Miss Selfridge and that sort) and picked up this pretty chunky necklace from Dorothy Perkins for just a fiver. Ya know, one of those things that are just too good to be left on a hanger.

Do you sometimes buy random things while you're food shopping? No? Well, I find myself doin' so quite a lot recently - it seems to be the only stores that are open after my work hours *yet another le sigh*. The other day I picked up the old Taylor Swift CD. Yup, I did. Strange how I went through a stage when I threw away all my CD's (saved them as mp3) and then I got struck by loads of luck (read in a sarcastic/devastated voice) and all my cyber data got deleted. At that point I sort of had to go back to real CD's and started rebuilding my collection. Yeah, I like Taylor Swift's song, so what?!

When I went to Czech Republic for a quick trip, I picked up this Dermacol 8 in 1 BB cream. True, bought it a while ago but haven't really tried it yet - waiting for sun to come out to be able to fully appreciate the whole 8 in 1 multi-functionality. Will see how that goes!

Now, I've also picked up a few fashion bits & bobs. A chunky coral jumper and cardigan duo (these chunky knits are the jumpers!) and a pair of print trousers for £4 from H&M! And a bit funky blazer with stripes and cartoon roses off E-bay (originally from Arc).

Finally - this lace handbag beauty. It's cream with golden toned detailing and it's covered in pretty lace! It cost about a fiver & is off E-bay. Gonna look proper over the top girly with it but hey - why not! You can buy it here or just search for a 'lace handbag'.

Have you bought something new lately to make yourself spring-ready?