I haven't said much about the LOOK Beauty brand on ze blog yet, and I should probably apologise for it. Soon enough I will introduce you to a few bits & bobs from them, which I've been happily using for a few months already. Their products have never actually screamed at me from the shelf at my local drugstore, or maybe they have but I was too busy noseying around other shelves, because good god, how have I missed these pretty lipsticks of theirs? Rock Candy & Petal Nude are probably the two you should give a closer look! 

The packaging of these is very cute & fairly innovative to be fair. I have to say, it is quite excessive (the lipstick is of regular size, yet the packaging is slightly bigger than your regular lipstick), but it does have its edge! It's designed in a silverish colour & it has got actually a lace engravement on the lid - so pretty, although you can see it only at closer inspection! The lid clicks onto the bullet with a magnet, which unfortunately I do wish was a bit stronger, because I feel like if I throw it into my handbag, it will open immediately. *sigh* 

The consistency is so lovely though, it glides on your lips like a lip balm and it's very moisturising! The pigmentation is great, however because they are so hydrating, the lasting power isn't amazing. I would say they are on the very opposite end to Accesorize lipsticks (those are super drying but last whole day). I like that although they don't last too long, they sort of sink into my lips & don't leave nasty faded lines or bits around my lips, just slightly stain my lips! They are also quite strongly vanilla scented, I would compare the scent to MUA lipsticks.    

Petal Nude is a gorgeous 'my lips but better' colour, almost like a reddish pinkish nude. I love wearing this on days when I just need to slap on a lipstick & run for bus, haha!  

Rock Candy is a very vivid bright fuchsia pink, not exactly as vivid as Topshop's Legend, but very close! I feel like it's got a slight cool undertone on my lips and the lasting power is slightly longer than the one of Petal Nude.

Overall, I think these lipsticks have got great potential, but the packaging could be that one bit more thought-through! The products itself are lovely, hydrating, creamy & I'd recommend them to those who are not very keen on lipsticks in general and are more into lip glosses, yet they would like to make that first step into the big lipstick world! You can get these in selected Superdrugs or on-line for £7 a pop (although I do recommend you look out for deals!).

What's your favourite LOOK Beauty product?