Lord & Berry haul
Hello chickens! Long time no see, or you know - read. How have you been? This past month has been so hectic - from long hours at work (you know it ain't right when you're leaving work after all the cleaners and contractors are gone) to buying a car and working on my psychology diploma. I'm sure you can imagine that trying new lipsticks and buying pretty dresses wasn't at the top of my to-do list at the time. Hopefully things will ease up a little now and I will be able to dive back into the world of blog projects and all things beautiful. Let's kick of with a review of couple of bits from Lord & Berry - a beauty brand I've had the chance to try this month. 

Did you know that Lord & Berry is a make-up brand from Italy? Who knew, right? And to my surprise it's not even a brand new make-up atelier - the beginnings of Lord & Berry go all the way to the early 90's - 1992 to be precise. I remember first seeing some of their products on ASOS and thinking that the brand design looked really neat and crisp - that's exactly what the brand is. It's functional and minimalist

From the products I've tried so far my absolute favourite is definitely the Lip Oil Potion (£14, Lord & Berry). The formula is just gorgeous - it makes your lips super soft & smooth and also kinda plump which is always useful for later lipstick application. Lip oils are all the rage at the moment and this one is definitely on the top three list for me. Another product which took me by surprise - and what a pleasant surprise that was - the Luminizer stick (£13, Lord & Berry). In essence this is a highlighter in a stick - which is nothing particularly new to the beauty market. What I especially love about it is the consistency - it's really creamy and I think it looks particularly beautiful on the nose, chin and cupid's bow. I find most highlighters look a bit too strong and glittery when applied to those areas - even MAC Soft & Gentle can make your nose look like a ball of glitter and unicorn sneeze when it's sunny outside. The Luminizer stick is really dewy & glossy rather than bold & glittery. Finally my third pick of the day is the 2Phases make-up remover (£16.50, Lord & Berry). The bottle is super sleek and rather photogenic - plus the formula gets rid of any stubborn waterproof make-up, be it a waterproof mascara or one of those new Gosh eye shadow sticks (they're right buggers they are!). 

Overall, very pleasantly surprised - I'm now itching to try their creamy foundation and lip spa - both these look pretty intriguing! You can find these products (& more, obvs) HERE.   

Have you tried any Lord & Berry products yet?
What are your thoughts and what should I try next?