HEMA Superfood
If you've read this post (click here) where I'm sharing my recent stationery finds with you then you probably know that I do have a little thing for HEMA right now. The store at Grand Central is really neat and the ladies that work there are always so smiley and welcoming. I'm not gonna lie, their base range is, well, alright. What lures me into the store are their limited seasonal ranges - the stationery range is absolutely beautiful as you already know and they have added some new colour combinations which look lovely too. Another seasonal range which I've come across is the fitness food one.

In the fitness food range you can find everything from swanky tiered lunch boxes to fruit infused water bottles and superfoods. Now this is where HEMA got me hard - I've been doing yoga for a couple of months now and also started the Bikini Body Guide by Kayla Itsines. With the whole fitness shebang in mind I've also started eating a little more consciously. I'm saying consciously because I ain't no healthy food freak - my mantra is more along the lines 'eat in moderation and use your brains'. I have been eating loads more rice, fruits and vegetables and also have been drinking more milk and water. I have been cutting down on steak pies, burgers and takeaways. Kinda makes sense, right! Now HEMA came out with the cutest little tubs of Holland & Barrett kind of superfoods, yas! I've picked up a tub of broken flax seeds for my yogurts, some coconut sugar which is surprisingly not sweet at all (who knew?!) and cacao nibs which taste amazing added into smoothies and chocolate chip cookies! Each tub costs about £3 which I think is a decent price tag for superfoods these days.

Have you been to HEMA yet?