And I mean it. With an absolutely serious poker face. This is a farewell to all gross scrub pots - no, I've never liked you, none of you. Not the ones from Lush, not the homemade ones, and I couldn't care less about the £20+ ones either. Now go & find all the pots, and throw them away, because this post will change your life. E.l.f. will change your life. With a lip exfoliator in a bullet. Hell yes, in a friggin bullet!   

How has noone come up with this a million years ago, I've got no clue. Well, someone had come up with it ages ago - it was MAC. See below, that's a picture of the lip scrub MAC used to sell, it cost more than a tenner (talk about overpriced) and it was apparently a bit meh, so it has been discontinued, I believe.

Now, e.l.f realized that the concept was a good one, developed a better formula, put a reasonable price tag on it & voila - the best lip scrub product ever was born! It's just a simple bullet in a simple black sleek packaging - I was actually really nicely surprised by the quality of the packaging - it ain't a cheap plastic material, it's a very sturdy metal one! The product itself is made of sugar, shea butter, wax & loads of oils (avocado, grape seed, jojoba seed). It comes in an actual lipstick bullet, but instead of smooth texture & pigment, it is pretty rough, smells like coffee beans to me (I guess that's the mixture of shea butter & oils) & all you need to do is massage your lips with it in circular motions to exfoliate. It works absolutely perfect, makes my lips super smooth & lipsticks have never looked better on them! Plus - and it's a big plus! - it doesn't make mess & you're not forced to eat it - the little bits of sugar just dissolve on your lips and disappear, no fall-off, no nasty bits of sugar everywhere.

You can get it off the e.l.f. websites for £3.75 (for 4.4g), and take this from someone who doesn't like lip scrubs - this is an actual revolutionary product for me & it's one of those that I won't stop buying for a long, long time (until they come up with one that smells like roses or lavender, haha!). And, well, I don't say this often, but hell - you NEED this!

What's your favourite lip scrub?