I'll give you an equation to solve today: I love cats + I love shirts. What's the outcome? Well, firstly - that I am more than likely crazy & secondly - that the infamous Topshop cat print shirt had to find its way into my wardrobe. Without the Topshop price tag obviously, doh. So I was searching, searching, searching.. on E-bay. And then one lucky day, I won it & it's brand new & it only came up to a tenner including postage! Oh, yeaaah!  

When I was ordering the shirt, I sort of hoped it was going to be something like the squirrel shirt off Asos I got last week, but it's just so not, aaah! I can't say I'm disappointed, I'm just not sure how to pull it off properly yet. It's very very VERY oversized, with almost bat sleeves and the bottom edge is cut out in a strange way, so the front & the back is very long but the sides are cut out pretty deep so you can almost see my hip bones! It's super see-through as well, but the shape makes it hard to wear something underneath it without making it look silly. I wore a black corset/bandeau thing for now, but I think just white plain bra could do better? Plus I tucked it into my black Topshop Leigh jeans, which once again, isn't the most fashionable option. Urgh, why are you so all over the place, pretty shirt?! 

Apart from the little stress this shirt is causing me (first world problems, huh?), I'm in love with the print. Like, seriously. IN LOVE. I think it's so original for a cat print (you usually get silhouettes of cats when you search for cat print clothes), and the kittens on it are very detailed with blue eyes, which I think is just... aaaah. Pretty!

I paired it with these little kitten earrings from Dorothy Perkins sale, and obviously with Cookie - I guess it might be too much of Cookie for some lately on ze blog (apologies, lovely cat haters & all the dog people out there!), but hey ho - cat shirt without a cat? That just wouldn't work.

So, this is not really a good outfit post. Take it as an outfit post that needs your help! If you have got any ideas what to tuck the shirt in, or what to wear it with, or what to wear under it, ya know! Give me some ideas!

And since Christmas is just behind the door, tell me what would you like to find under the Christmas tree this year?