FashionistA is not a very out-there brand in the blogging world. Which is quite surprising, because it's the only drugstore brand which I'm aware of that offers custom palettes - and who doesn't love a bit of a personalization in their life, right? About a week ago I introduced you to their brow kit, which has become a part of my every day make-up routine (I'm even slacking on using my beloved MeMeMe Arch Angel now, woops!). Today I tried to create a sort of a late-summer bronzed look with their customized palette*, and have to say I'm quite impressed!

While lookin at the first picture, you might be askin, oh wait - why is she so... tanned? Well - that's a secret! At least for now, but don't worry, the product will be revealed shortly (little hint: it costs 99p, doesn't smell and I didn't turn orange AT ALL!). Now back to the make-up! I used my holy grail (yeh, I said it.. now I'm a real blogger right, haha!) bb cream - Ginvera BB Cream (I'm so reluctant to pay £20 for it again, because that's just way beyond my budget, but it's SO good I might as well, every time my face is feeling meh, this sort it out like magic!). On my brows I used the FashionistA brow kit, then a bit of Collection 2000 concealer here and there, Topshop Cheeks in Prism for highlights, some Famous eyeshadows and Lancome Hypnose Star mascara (which is a sample from Tatler, ha!). Oh, and I forgot to include Topshop lipstick in Nevada! *scratches head*  

Now to the FashionistA custom palette! I always found it as an intriguing concept and maybe a tad intimidating to be fair - custom palettes. How do you know what to pick? How much does it cost, do I pay all at once? Do I pick them all at once? Oh wells, I'm a farm girl, I'm excused, okay?! So, it works like this: you buy the empty palette (black or red) for £5, and then buy separate products whenever you want - each (bronzer, blush or eyeshadow) costs £4 but sometimes you can get offers (you buy all at once and can get the palette itself cheaper or for free etc). Easy peasy, really! 

Each palette has got 4 slots - you easily pop out each product from their own little packaging and pop them into the palette! Just like that! And you can mix and match and do all sort of wonders with them. Plus the red sleek palette is just beautiful, I showed it to my mum and she's desperate to get her hands on it, haha! 

As I was sent these to try, I got sent 4 different types of products and didn't really have the choice - have to say though, who picked them for me was a little genius, they are all my cup of tea! The ones I've got are:
1: eyeshadow in Couture (quite a heavy shimmer)
2: blush in New York (slight shimmer)
3: bronzer in LA (matte)
4: bronzer in Rome (shimmer)

On my face I used bronzer in LA to contour my face, blush in New York on my cheeks, bronzer in Rome all over the lid and eyeshadow in Couture in my crease.  

This palette is a great quality, and not only the packaging (which is a stunner) but also the products as such. The pigmentation is great, not exactly buttery, but doesn't dust too much either. From the swatch above you'd think that the matte bronzer is not very pigmented, but that's so wrong - on a finger swatch, it doesn't pick up too much colour, but with a brush you pick up a lot - you definitely have to be careful with this shade, as you need only the tiniest amount! The blush is a really pretty, warm pink tone, which is gonna be, together with the eyeshadow, amazing for the autumn season!  

You can pick these up in Superdrug, there's a large choice of colours to choose from!

Have you tried FashionistA custom palette before?
What's your favourite pick?

PS: I also tried FashionistA double sided mascara and it doesn't work for me - at all! If you have any tips how to make it work, I'd appreciate them, but I'm afraid that that product might just be a lost cause. *sigh*