I have to say, I can't get over the fact that summer's gone. Well, I never really got over the fact that there was no summer this year. Boo! I've been trying to make my peace with the horrible rain these days, but that just ain't happening. Especially since I still haven't bought the umbrella with fox print that I saw on Terri's Instagram. That could make it more bearable, I reckon. And since the rain is keeping me inside, it is the only one to blame for me getting hooked on Polyvore. Here's my expression of my butterfly love. Since my mum got me a butterfly ring when I was 14 or so, I've been absolutely in love with the print. How cute & absolutely summery it is?!

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My favourite things that I found while on a butterfly hunt is this New Look dress which is down from £25 to £8! What a bargain! Why is my drawer so small and my obsession with dresses so big? *le sigh* The second butterfly trophy is this Bra's Galore butterfly bra! It's called Martha, which I find quite funny (thought only Czech people name bras after random girls, haha!), but it's got the prettiest butterfly pattern with aqua lining. And you can get it with butterfly undies as well! The same company sells some other cute patterns too - flowers and polka dots
Makes me think that wearing butterfly (or other cutesy) underwear might be the only way to preserve some summer for the autumn-struck myself, oh well. Or I might just dig out the butterfly ring from my mum to cheer myself up, oh those rainy days!       

How are you dealing with the end of summer?