You might remember when I posted about lavender products that I'm in love with some time ago! It's about time to introduce you to two more products that are just as good as the ones I mentioned before and what's more, these two beauties are the best complimentary products to the ones mentioned before! Ladies and gentlemen, meet my favourite shower gel & face wash at the moment - both by Organic Surge(If you read Pampered Prince's blog, you may have already read brief reviews of these, as I had the pleasure to write a guest post for him!)

Gentle Meadow Shower Gel* has quickly become a favourite of mine - it's one of those 'raw' organic lavender scents, which might not be everyone's cuppa, but it is the perfect scent for my spoilt nose! I would say it is very similar to Manufaktura's Lavender shower gel, which I'm almost running out of (yeeh, I've got two basically identical shower gels in my shower, ha!), but since I can't get it over here in the UK, I'm trying to preserve the last drops for as long as I can! I'm so happy I got to come across the Organic Surge one, as it's a great alternative. And it's organic. If you can't already tell, I absolutely love showering with strongly scented lavender shower gels, as it's so relaxing and comforting and I figured out it's one of the best things to help me suppress my nightmares! *phew*

Daily Care Face Wash* is a lovely every day face wash. I sometimes use it in the morning when my skin's feeling a bit yuck or in the evening after I use cold cream/hot cloth cleanser as they sometimes tend to make my face feel a little greasy and this works wonders. I believe it would be great for sensitive skin, as it's very nourishing (skin doesn't feel dry or tight after I use it). It's a wash, so don't expect too much of a cleansing action going on, but really it's a great product to refresh and wake up, if it makes sense. It's geranium & rose scented, but I have to say I can't smell much of a rose in it, I'd say more geranium & lavender if anything. Anyways, it's still got this very distinctive raw scent to it, which I appreciate!  

Each of these products costs £4-5, which is a bargain as they are on almost luxury-level when you consider the quality! You can order them from Organic Surge website

What's your favourite shower gel at the moment?