I dare call myself an avid E-bay shopper. E-bay is like my second home (ask my boyfriend, last night I feel asleep while holding my phone... searching on E-bay). Maybe there should be a medical name for this sort of obsession, because I don't think it's very healthy at times. It can make you very savvy, but since Paypal money ain't real money (right?), it can become a tad dangerous. Especially when it comes to clothes shopping (how many things I've got lying in a 'to-sell-bag' that I bought off E-bay but they turned out to look totally different in reality than in the picture. *sigh* Now, sometimes I see some sellers selling a few same items and think it's a tad weird. Why would you have 4 same (brand new?!) dresses from Asos, little miss, huh? I think I figured it out, let me tell ya... 
I might be an avid E-bay buyer, but I'm far from being an avid E-bay seller. I'm all naive thinking that E-bay hosts two sorts of sellers: the next-door type of seller, who could donate their stuff to charity, but it's still too decent not to make some cash out of it, and the one from China (with pretty mobile cases & rings for 99p). Nothing in life is just black and white though, and E-bay is not an exception. In addition to the above mentioned sellers, you get the savvy ones. The extremely clever savvy ones, who figured out what wholesale means and went on a wholesale website, bought 'Asos' dresses in bulk and put them up on E-bay for a price... well for a price you'd expect to pay for such a dress. Well, why not when it makes money, right? I'm just jealous it's not me who figured it out first, haha! 

Let's have a little illustration here:

is a wholesale retailer of fashion clothes.

 These are 'Topshop' Lace Shorts sold on their website for £36 a set (sold in packs of 9), so a single item works out to be £4 (yeh! FOUR quid!!!).

Different E-bay sellers charge different price for these shorts, however all of them come to earn quite a good cash. This one sells them for £8, which means that if he sells them all, he earns £36 on the top of what he invested in them at first place. This one sells them for £14, which means that he will cash £90 on the top of those £36 he invested. I think that's a pretty decent earning and those shorts look like they are definitely well worth £14, so why not? And then there's a crazy seller, who sells them for £22 (because RRP is £35 and they are so SOLD OUT, right?), which earns him unbelievable £162 - if someone buys them. 

Another instance is this lovely black lace peplum dress. This one is sold on One2Wear for £63 per set (sold in packs of 6), so a single item works out to cost £10.50.    
 Some smartie here is selling this dress for whooping £28. There are some more lovely dresses on the One2Wear website, so feel free to have a browse! 

Now tell me how SMART these people are?! I'm not questioning the quality of these products, I would think it's more than enough when the sellers have 100% feedback. The question is, why am I and you not doin this and earning some cash to spend on make-up and clothes that we don't need? *wink wink* Plus, you can always keep a pair of those pretty royal blue shorts for only £4, right?

 Are you familiar with the concept of wholesale fashion?