You all know I go through phases when I'm slightly obsessed with Poundland. This time it's not Poundland though (how unfaithful from me, huh?!), but I popped to the one next door - 99p store. Yeh, it's the one that's usually smaller and looks like there's more crap than good stuff. But don't get me wrong, there's always a chance you come across something uber cool! E.g. whole selection of Coppertone products (with Asian writing on - my guess is Japanese, as an exotic bonus!). This friggin haul cost not even a fiver, woop woop! 

I've never heard of Coppertone before, but a quick google-action on my phone (while walking casually around the store, so I don't look like a weirdo) convinced me that this is gonna be worth it. Even though I'm not goin for holidays anytime soon - but I can wish right? And keep them unopened for next summer (or even sooner if I become a millionaire before that!), as their expiry date is not anytime soon, wheee! Anyways, the point I would like to make is that Coppertone is quite an expensive brand (products cost around $10-$20 each apparently), so it might be worth stopping by and checking them out, especially if you're off to some summer destination sometime soon!   

There were quite a few products available in the 99p store I went to, but this is the big five I picked up:

Tanning Water Spray & Cool SPF4
(I can use that even in England, right?!)
Tanning Spray Quick & Even Coverage SPF4
UV Protect Perfect UV Cut Milk SPF50 Moist
(when can you pick up SPF50 for 99p?!)
UV Protect Perfect UV Cut Cream SPF50 Edelweiss-extract, Vitamin E, C, A
(sunscreen with herbal extract & vitamins?! for 99p?!)
Natural Step Tan
(self-tanner, I need to go back and pick up more of this, because this. is. amazing. - review tomorrow!)

Here's their official website!

Have you tried Coppertone before?
Or have you at least heard about it before?