Tweed is one of those Marmite trends - you either love it or hate it. I think that until this year I was among the haters, thinking it's something more suitable for granddads and poets from Cambridge (excuse the stereotype, ay), but the more I've been reading about fashion and the more I've been looking around, I've realized that it's actually a really flattering casual preppy trend which is not only beautiful, but also pretty thought-through for the traditional English autumn (read probably as rainy as this year's summer). Anyways, do you know what tweed actually is


Tweed is a woollen fabric, which is made either into a plain colour or a pattern (usually check or herringbone) - the pattern is achieved through twisting together different coloured yarn. Tweed is often hand-made (usually in Scotland or on Scottish islands) and because of the thick texture it's pretty water-resistant and durable - what else do you need for English autumn, right?! You could have seen me in this post wearing my new (and already head-over-heels loved) tweed jacket from H&M which was just £19 and seems to be really well-made for the price! I also got tweed pumps from Primark for mere £3 (yeah, I did make a little dance when I found them in the store, haha). I think both pieces will be more than loved this autumn and you'll see them again in my outfit posts soon. Although I'm a big fan of budget fashion, I must say that I do believe that higher price tag on a tweed piece is more than likely to be reflected in the quality of it. I can even imagine that buying a tweed blazer for some £300 it might as well stay with your for the rest of your life, ha! Below I've picked a few pieces from more budget brands and a few from more high end brands, just looking at these you can tell the difference in texture and patterns. 

The budget tweed pieces I've picked are Primark blazer and dress, which are on the higher end of Primark pricing, however both look really classy and nice quality, do I'd guess the price tag might be justified in this case! The last one is H&M blazer, which contains 50% of wool - nice & warm!  

The luxury tweed pieces are from Whites Boutique, which sells amazing (and well above my price range) brands such as Philosophy by Alberta Ferretti or Moschino. The first blazer is Armani and I think it's got absolutely stunning cut - must look so flattering on! The dress is Moschino in multicoloured tweed and the last blazer is Armani again, this time on sale (yep, the original price was about twice as much as it is now!).

 What about you & tweed: mates or not?