I am a massive fan of MUA, especially their eyeshadow palettes! I should probably be honest and admit that I own all MUA palettes that are out there (8 regular + 1 immaculate collection) and I'm totally in love with them, I have only a little of other eyeshadows (two Catrice palettes to be specific) and that's it. Now imagine the excitement I got when I found out that there is another palette yet to be released!   

If you have been in the blog-world for some time, you might be already thinkin - hm, undressed, you sayin, a neutral palette, both matte & shimmery shades.. does it ring a bell? Maybe if I throw in another clue - what is a synonym for undressed, ladies? *wink wink*

I do believe that we can agree that this little baby has got a spotlight secured - I'd dare put my hand in fire that this is gonna be everyone's new must-have and will be sold out off shelves during the first day! I applaud MUA once again for being such a genius and really can't wait to get my mitts on this babe when it gets into shops in July! Price will be the regular 4 quid, yes!

You can read more about it on MUA blog, where there are even swatches of all the shades!

What's your favourite MUA palette so far?