This question was super easy. I totally adore these Next weges, whidch just look amazing on and do I even have to stress how much I love the detailing - wooden & cut out wedge

I guess someone might find them over the top and a bit too... extravagant? But I think they can add a nice detail to a simple one-toned outfit! Now, why don't I wear them? Because the freaking kill my feet whenever I'm in them for more than let's say 15 minutes? That's not even enough time to walk to the nearest shop and back! I guess it might be the straps because they are meant to be real leather and the shape of my feet just can't get on with them, but they feel like they're cutting off my little toes! And why don't I sell them (original price was about £70 I think?)? Well, simple like that - I got them off E-bay for mere £4 (including postage!) and I fell in love with the way they look. Now I sorta understand why that person sold them.. ehm. Anyways, I will learn how to deal with them, one day. One day, I will. *pinky promise* 

What do you think about cut-out wedges?
Are they just over the top or are they that little something special?