Yesterday I posted about MUA's new release - Undressed palette. When I read the title of today's fashion challenge post, it happened to be pretty clear to me - no matter how much others praise Sleek and Rimmel and other drugstore brands, overall I just have got an immense inclination to MUA. The value in terms of price & quality is not easy to beat, so MUA will always have that little place reserved in my heart - especially their eyeshadow palettes!

I don't wanna repeat myself, but to stress my point - I gave up on all other eyeshadows I've ever had and don't even browse through them in drugstore anymore. I'm perfectly happy with these little palettes - they are super pigmented, they are creamy, they have minimum fall-off on me (I have normal eye lids, don't tend to go oily or anything), I don't need to use any primer at all and their lasting power is more than enough (I spent whole day wearing them in Friday's HEAT - must have been a hundred degrees! and they didn't get into my creases, didn't smudge either), they could as well be called 24 hour eyeshadows for me!

I have noticed that some reviews warn you about fall-off and other minor troubles, but I guess that me personally and my skin just found an eyeshadow soul mate in these! And not that I can complain about the price tag either, a palette for £4? Get in!  

Is there any product in your make-up collection that you find just perfect?