This one is gonna be a bit of a remember-y one! I got quite a few pairs of earrings and some necklaces from my brother & sister over past years, but the pair I've been wearing the most was given to me by my best friend from high school!

I'm not sure where these earrings are from, but I would guess something like H&M. You definitely won't be able to find them anymore though, since I got them maybe 6 or 7 years ago! Or maybe even more, who knows! I've been loving them sincerely ever since though, since they seem to match my style perfectly! They are dangly, but not too much, they are in natural shade, and are from tarnished yellow metal. Well, my friend knew me well even back then! Who knew though that they would stay with me for this long?! This is a little thank you post for my friend as well, and our little photo collage from when we were at high school! Oh my, was that really me? Haha!!

What's a gift you received and never put away?