Another day of the fashion challenge is here! And today it's all about something that's not exactly 'me', but I love it! And that definitely is this Hawaiian shirt from Select I got about a month ago!

Excuse the tired face & awful quality, I've been ridiculously ill lately.

I would have never thought I'd like this sort of shirt, not even mentioning the crazy print on it. When I saw it on a hanger in Select, I pointed and laughed, and so did the bf. Because I was trying on a few other tops, I took this one with me, just for the laugh. And when I put it on, I had to admit that's one of the best shirts I've ever seen, no jokes. I usually wear it with my white shorts, but since the English weather does not seem to play it smart, I had to pair it up with black H&M leggings with leathery inserts. Plus it looks great with golden detail, and since I don't wear silver that much, it makes us even bigger friends!

What's the craziest thing in your wardrobe you are in love with?