That took me some time to figure out what special occasion I should attempt to address in today's fashion challenge day! Finally, I thought, well, what special occasions have I been to? And since this is the last month of my university life ever, I thought I could share my undergrad graduation outfit with you (I finished my undergrad in 2011), someone might (or might not) find it useful! (And it gives me a bit of an excuse to reminisce over my old graduation pictures *sigh*)

I'll admit it straight away - I struggled. And not just a tad, I struggled big time. I didn't have my grad dress until the day before the actual graduation. And that ain't a good feeling, I'm telling ya. Now keep in mind, this is my experience & my tips, might not be your style & might not be the way you want that ah-mazing important day be like, might not even be the way graduation roles in your country, so after all, just do it your way obviously, but I did get some google tips that probably saved my life (read saved me a bit of awkwardness & nerves).

Obviously the most important thing, the dress. It's a friggin horror to get a decent dress (or a skirt & a top) that fits into the following categories:
  • white or cream colour (because apparently these colours compliment the black/dark navy gown the best - at least for the top part of your outfit, like a blouse or a shirt, when you wear all black, you end up just looking like you goin to a funeral and wearing any other colour might clash badly, but do check the colours of your gown before you go on a dress hunt please, they might have a different colour combo which you should address!)
  • short sleeves (obviously not necessary, but trust me, it's gonna get hot - at least at my uni, we had to make a little run on the stage, since there were so many people queueing up to get their degree, haha!)
  • decent length (although you will be covered with a full length gown, you still will be on a stage, hence there will be people looking at you from 'down under'!)
  • comfy shoes (forget mahussive heels, no matter how good they look & if you are able to, do wear some sort of heelage - I have seen girls trippin over their heels & since a minimum half of you will have some sort of heel goin on, you don't wanna be the shortest one - especially when you already a midget like me, of course, if you know you gonna fall over, do wear your flats, there's nothing wrong about it after all!) 
  • tights (obviously with a spare pair... or two)
  • accessorise (keep it simple, golden or silver, not too dangly, since it freaking tangles with the gown 'mechanism', haha) 
  • bobby pins/pins (buy a pack and keep them somewhere close, gown is not the smartest invention and it will be flying all over the place, same goes for the hat!)

Simple - that goes for make-up & hair too! You will have a freakin hat on, so don't try to go for high buns or difficult  high creations, a low bun or loose hair will do. And as I said before, bring loads of bobby pins, they will come handy!

Make-up is up to you, but remember you will be in loads of pictures and there's a chance that you might cry or/and get super hot and grossly sweaty so something waterproof won't hurt.

These are my little tips that can make your graduation a tad easier & more comfortable, but as I already mentioned at the beginning, it's important that you feel good in what you're wearing! No matter how many people might think that this or that colour combo or dress shape is the best, it's you who will be spending a day in it and then be looking at the pictures for the rest of your life! 

For everyone graduating, enjoy your day & have fun! 
Please, do share your own tips in the comments!:)