10 quick fixes when you need a pick me up
What is happening with the world right now?! I remember when all my worries were where to get some fresh dandelion leaves for my pony and whether there's enough room on that VHS tape to record the next episode of Charmed. And I wasn't even as young as it sounds so you could say hey you were just a kid & didn't notice the world around you. I'm talking my latter teenage years here. It just seems like the world used to be a more predictable, safer place. And I'm not even talking about the heart-breaking things that happened in the UK over the past few weeks. I'm going through this utter disbelief of how horrid people can be to each other right now - on social media, in real life, on telly. It sets off this daunting anxiety in me - one that sometimes doesn't go away for much longer than I'm willing to admit. To soften the blow of all the nastiness in the world right now I've come up with an action plan of 15 quick fixes that guarantee an improved positivity in just a couple of minutes!  

🌿 Have a cuppa
There's nothing a cup of tea can't solve. NOTHING. I much prefer drinking herbal teas to traditional English tea with milk but when it comes to it - any tea will do. My absolute favourite is the Russian Caravan from Whittard served in a larger than life mug (this one with a peeking kitty is from Prezzybox - get it here - currently sold out but should be back in stock soon!).  

🌿 Memorise a poem 
Say what? I know - this might sound completely nuts but if your head is spinning so hard you feel like holding it in place for a minute or two, your thoughts are skipping from one neuron to another & you just can't stop it I suggest you try memorising a poem. You will discover a whole new level of concentration! My favourite is Arial by Sylvia Plath (no, I don't care everyone ad their cat think she's way overrated) but I do recommend something maybe a little more uplifting!  

🌿 Listen to old school music
I find it very comforting to listen to music I used to listen to when I was younger. Be it Rod Stewart or Avril Lavigne I'm immediately feeling like I can rule the world again! 

🌿 A proper evening routine   
A lot of times I get that anxious overwhelm after a long day of work (or an extra long time spent on social media) - that's why a proper evening routine is a must for me. Slipping into something comfy & pretty (like this gorgeous silky set from UKLingerie - get the kimono here & the chemise here - I've had the exact same set in green for years and years - it wore beautifully - & now I've finally replaced it with this more grown up colour, how beautiful is it!), slathering my face in a face mask, slapping on some cooling eye patches, and just relaxing with a good book (or an episode of the First Dates) calms me no end.  

🌿 Make things with your hands  
Apparently those little fidget spinners were originally made exactly for this reason - for people to keep their hands occupied when they get anxious or stressed! Who knew? Well, I didn't - that's why I found my way around it through various DIYs. Making things with my hands - be it this bone inlay tray that I made last week (a DIY tutorial coming on Sunday!) or going into the garden and dig out those pesky weeds. Manual tasks can really put your mind at ease plus you get that immense sense of achievement afterwards! 

🌿 Organise your make-up & jewellery collection 
If you want to keep yourself occupied & clear your head but can't really afford to splurge on DIY supplies or don't have a garden then organising things mights be your thing. Organising your lipsticks is manual work at its finest, I say. Or jewellery - that's a good one too. Those gorgeous pieces you can spot in this photos are either vintage (after my Jewish great grand nan) or from Jon Richards (spot them here). 

🌿 Bake something   
Just like making a DIY but you can EAT it afterwards. That's basically just a much better & more useful DIY.

🌿 Spend time with your pet
Time spent with cats (or dogs/hamsters/hedgehogs/parrots/rats) is never wasted. And it's been scientifically proven that pets have a positive impact on our wellbeing. They destress you and bring you into a proper zen state of mind within minutes. Also, just look at that adorable owl face - you forget the world around you when she's hypnotically owling at you!

🌿 Go through your old photo albums & scrapbooks
We love making photo albums, scrapbooks, keeping treasure boxes and mementos - but honestly, when was the last time you actually flicked through any of these? Take some time (ideally with a cuppa) to snuggle up on the bed or in your favourite velvet armchair and enjoy all those precious holiday moments again. It'll put you to the best of moods & it will motivate you to get all your jobs done so you can book another holiday soon! 

🌿 Netflix.  
Yes you've read it right. I'm telling you to go & watch the telly. But specifically Netflix - it is the safest way to watch the telly without encountering yet another triggering piece of news or a row between two politicians slagging each other off whilst convincing you to not vote for the other one (rather than to vote for themselves). Watch an episode of your favourite show, or maybe two, to take your mind off everything else. 

 What are your favourite ways to get that quick pick me up?

10 quick fixes when you need a pick me up
10 quick fixes when you need a pick me up
10 quick fixes when you need a pick me up
10 quick fixes when you need a pick me up
10 quick fixes when you need a pick me up
10 quick fixes when you need a pick me up
💭 I'm no expert when it comes to mental health & anxiety - these are just a few things that help me when I'm feeling under the weather and stressed to absolute mush and I really do hope that some of these will help you the way they help me! Some of the products mentioned have been sent to me as a gift (thank you!) but all these tips are my very own, tried & tested!